Sunday, August 1, 2010

hot date

I love spending time with Brian. I love sharing memories together that I know will last a lifetime. Well, at least his life. I have an absolutely horrendous short term memory. Like I probably need to see a neurologist bad memory. Thank God for our wedding video because I couldn't tell you what songs were played at our wedding if you offered me one billion dollars (in an Austin Powers voice, of course).
Spending time on vacation last week gave us so many good family memories of Lila strolling along the beach, sitting and staring at the water, using her big girl voice to laugh at the sea gulls. But I have some great memories of Brian and I taking long walks. Sneaking out (sans baby) for some ice cream. And talking about all the family vacation memories to come with our little family.
That just solidifies that we need to have date nights more often. What are your favorite date night ideas? Where do you like to sneak out for some laughs and grown up talk? I think I feel some babysitter phone calls coming up. 

Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades,
but to be married to a man 
who makes you laugh every day,
ah, now that's a real treat.
~Joanne Woodward


Joey&Casey said...

I'm eager to have another date night with my hubs soon:) They are the best for Joey and I! We love going out to eat at a good sushi restaurant ( I know you can relate to that) and talking about our future plans too

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