Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pearly whites

And the winner of the Bluebird Design Studio blog makeover is...Entry #2 by Joey and Casey!
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Now on to the real blog post: This is where mommy friends come in handy. You can read all of the books, surf the message boards, ask the sales people at Babies R Us, but sometimes you just need some tried and true advice. Lila is teething. She is just not herself.
Her sleep patterns are all off, which means everyone in the house isn't sleeping. Last night she was up at 4:30am, ate at 5am, up again at 6am, rolled back and forth between Brian and I for the next couple of hours, laughing until we had no choice but to wake up. Lots and lots of coffee today.

She is gnawing on everything she can get in her mouth but nothing seems to make it feel better. If she is really fussy, I will give her some Tylenol per our pediatrician's advice. Things that do not work: wet washcloth from the freezer, vibrating teething toy, teething ring, chewing on her fist or my fingers. Any other magic tricks up your mommy sleeves?

Adam and Eve had many advantages,
but the principal one was that
they escaped teething.
~Mark Twain


The Kincaid Family said...

YAY for Casey!! WOohoo! Can't wait to see your designed blog!

Abbi said...

Hyland's Teething Tablets. The pediatrician I work for swears by them, luckily for us tho, my almost 9 month old is a pretty easy teether, my older two boys were HORRIBLE!!!

Joey&Casey said...

yah for me!!!!!!!!! :-) hehe I'm right there with you Lindsay, in the last week Daisy has been soooo unhappy and has been rolling her tongue over her lower gums constantly and biting on her lip...chewing on my arm, her fingers, Sophie...I think the wet washcloth is a Daisy fave too. I think you are doing great!! Hope it doesn't get too bad for little Lila bean! ...or for you guys with the lack of sleep stuff:(

Christine said...

i have heard of the teething tablets, but never used them. i try to stay away from anything that 'numbs' the gums, too, because our pediatrician said it could actually also numb their throats which could lead to them chocking or breathing irregularly... my advice, just try to find what works & have it nearby., has an amazing, gummy teether that isabelle loves (looks like a dog toy) but its bigger and softer than most... its called the "Super Yummy" and its $10 and well worth it... other than that, hang in there, it gets better and easier for them too :)

Sues said...

YES! Hyland's Teething Tablets!!!
They don't numb. They are a saving grace. (I've also started using Hyland's Cough 'N Cold syrup, which is amazing, too. I think Lila's still too young for that, but to remember for down the road...)