Saturday, July 31, 2010

you've got mail

I love cards. I love sending little cards in the mail to my friends. And I love getting cards in the mail. Yes, I realize many people view them as a waste of time and money. Why drive to a store, spend time picking out a card, writing in the little space and not misspelling words, looking up an address, buying a stamp, and walking all the way down your driveway to your mailbox? When you could just text or email or Facebook your thoughts to people? BECAUSE. It shows you did all that just to tell them hello and that you were thinking of them.

When I get a card, I know someone spent a lot of time and effort just to tell me something. So I try to return the favor. My mom taught me all about cards. She would send me good luck cards before exam time in college. She would send me funny cards the summer I worked at a stay-away girls camp. She sent me cheer up cards when I was on bed rest with Lila. And just the other day, she brought me a card when she came to pick up Lila my first day of work.

Because really, how much more did that make me smile than a phone call to say good luck? So, send a card and stop being such a lazy, technology user :-)

President Bush said for security reasons,
he's sworn off all email communications.
He will not using email at the White House at all.
Is that a good idea?
I mean, it's not like that speaking thing
was working out so good.
~Jay Leno

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Big Fat Mama said...

I was at Halmark recently and they had a ton of cards like this for moms. They were hilarious...and the type of hilarious that only a mom would "get"

I found your blog through MBC. :)
Big Fat Mama