Wednesday, August 11, 2010

taste of the south

I love making fun of people. Whatever, you know you do it too. Especially here in the South, there is a wide range of opportunities to see people who make you laugh out loud during your every day interactions. For example, while shopping at Walmart, you might see this: 
Please tell me you have been to You will now redirect from my page and spend 20 minutes laughing at hilarious ugly people. You're welcome.

One time, my mom and I went to Benson, NC to see Mule Days. Everyone told us it was the most hilarious display of redneck people riding drunk on mules and piling 10 people in the back of a pick-up and calling it a parade. It did not disapoint and gave us weeks of entertainment afterwards. I think everyone should take the time to stop and appreciate their local culture.

It's not that we are making these people act ridiculous. They are choosing to be unsophisticated. They need to just embrace it. Katelyn, my sister, demonstrated how to embrace your Southern pride while on vacation. And I think she can be an inspiration for generations of GRITS to come. That would be Girls Raised In The South. Obviously.

The educated Southerner has no use for an "R"
except at the beginning of a word.
~Mark Twain


misc.alaina said... is hilarious! There is a big difference between being Southern and being a redneck. I embrace my Southern heritage, but would die if anyone ever considered me to be a redneck. No pick-up trucks with big wheels, cowgirl hats/boots, or beer drinking starting before noon for me! Fun post!

Joey&Casey said...

Joey loves that website:) He'll often look at it on his cell phone in bed to get some late night laughs:) lol

Amy said...

Holy cow...I didn't know you were related to Daisy Duke!!! :-)

Sues said...

SO FUNNY!!! And I love that Twain quote!

Ashley E. said...

I honestly did just spend 20 minutes at people of walmart! Thank you! Haha.