Sunday, April 29, 2012

ec love

I have written of my love for my Erin Condren planner before on this blog. But I do not think I have ever explained how serious it is to my life. If a meeting (babysitter, dinner menu, date night, birthday) is not in my planner, it does not exist. I am actually planning a new series this month with my favorite tips for the busy mom and I have a whole post devoted to this planner. 

Since I am not yet cool enough to have an iPhone or iPad, I have not been able to take advantage of the adorable personalized covers EC has on their website. But I do have their gift labels, which are super cute. So when I saw this Plum District deal for $25 for $50 at Erin Condren, I grabbed it! Even better, I found a coupon code (good through tomorrow, 4/30) for another 25% off the Plum District deal. So $50 worth of EC for $18.75! Score!

While this deal does not work for the 2012/2013 planners coming out in June, I am cool with that since mine already goes through December of this year. I am thinking about getting these cool calling cards for when it is just too awkward to hand out my work business card at playdates and group events. Aren't these two patterns so cute? 

The Plum District deal is only good through tomorrow, so get yours fast! And the coupon code for 25% off is "mom25". Yay! Grab yours by tomorrow (Monday night)! 

Disclaimer: I did not get this deal for free and did purchase it myself. However, if 3 of you buy the coupon, I will get mine for free as a referral. And I just love Erin Condren that much.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

moments in a day

Lila is snoring over the monitor after finally going to sleep for her nap. I had to lay on the floor of her nursery for 15 minutes to get her to stop bringing books into her bed and go to sleep. When do toddlers go from sweet baby sounds in their sleep to grown up snoring noises? I do not remember the moment when that changes.

Zaxby the dog is sitting looking out the window waiting for a car, any car, to drive by so she can bark at it. 

I need to take a shower and get myself cleaned up for the day, considering I just ate lunch. 

I can't stop thinking about how good a Diet Coke would taste right now, but I have not had my obligatory 3 glasses of water before I am allowed a soft drink. 

Why are sodas called soft drinks? As opposed to a glass of liquor being a hard drink? Why is this thought just occurring to me?

Some days all slow down into minutes. Individual things you cannot stop focusing on in order to get to the real tasks of the day: emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, folding laundry, making grocery lists. Some days seem to fly by with the busyness of life and sometimes my days seemed so consumed with the busyness that I cannot get on to the living.

Friday, April 20, 2012

how to break the funk

One morning last week, I woke up in a funk. As soon as I opened my eyes that morning I was irritable and tired and cranky. It seemed like Lila was refusing to get dressed just to bug me. Brian's simple questions about the day seemed to get under my skin. Our normal morning routine of an hour took about an hour and a half. And the worse part was that the whole time, I knew in the back of my head that this bad day was all on me. Lila wasn't acting like a toddler more than any other day. It was not her fault I forgot to pack her lunch the night before. Brian was not doing anything other than being a sweet husband trying to plan out our day. 

So I took to the private Facebook group set up by mom's bible study. I needed some ideas for how to break the funk! And funny enough, after trying everything on the list, I slowly started to realize it was a good day. Sometime, all it takes is a little work to remind yourself that God created a beautiful day and it is your choice whether or not to enjoy it. And yes, I just pulled a Pollyanna, but you know you want to dance to some loud music drinking a Diet Coke right now :-) Here are the other fabulous ideas shared by my always-right mommy friends:
  • Drink a big cup of water
  • Drink a big cup of coffee
  • Eat protein for breakfast
  • Wear a pretty dress or whatever makes you feel good about yourself
  • Listen to silly songs (my Pandora was set to the Backstreet Boys station)
  • Listen to soft worship music (I am loving my new CD, "Sing Over Me Worship & Lullabies"
  • Go for a walk outside or at least sit in the sun for a few minutes
  • Sit quietly by yourself for a while, no music, no phone, no computer, no kids
  • Get your favorite lunch or snack as a special treat
  • Do something fun with the kids that makes them super happy and full of laughter
  • Sing to loud Broadway or musical songs
  • Spend ten minutes doing something that makes you feel happy (for me organizing my planner)
What are your other great ways to get out of a nasty mood? I would love to hear your mood changing ideas to add my list for the next times the blues greet me in the morning. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

flipping the pages

I love that Lila has a passion for books. I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on. I was "that kid" that challenged myself to read 100 books the summer between my 2nd and 3rd grade year. Including the entire C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia series. But those silly is super hard to keep them sitting long enough for a story. We usually just yell out words and made up story lines based on the pictures as she turns the pages at rapid speed. It's like an awesome, fast paced game. For her. 
But recently she has started showing some interest in what is actually on the pages. My favorite is when she holds up the book to present us the page (thank you school for that learned skill). And of course, any book that has her favorite shape in it, The Star!!, is always a good choice. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

one phone call

I knew the call would not be a good one. When you are focused for two weeks on every small sign within your body, you know what is coming. The rush to the lab for the morning blood draw. The waiting on pins and needles all day for the phone to ring. Continuously turning the screen on to assure it did not turn off accidentally. And then the nurse, with her sweet, soft voice, "Honey, I don't have good news. The pregnancy test was negative."

After 11 IUI and IVF procedures over five years, and only one happy phone call when we got pregnant with our daughter, this should not be a shock. I have long ago stopped being angry at those who get pregnant on a whim. Stopped questioning why it is so hard for us. Gave up whining when I have to create detailed medication charts and stick myself with needles every night. But yet, that one simple word, "negative," still gives me chills. 

Our friends ask us how we can stay positive, how we can want to try again and again. Because we do not have any other choice. This is our path in life to our family. Yes, I still have to hole up in my work bathroom and let it all out for five minutes when I see a photo of a friend's new adorable baby. Yes, I give a nod and a big smile when people unwittingly ask us if Lila is our only child, my heart dropping as I think of all of our babies in Heaven waiting to be held in my arms one joyous day. Yes, I have to repeat the same Bible verses over and over to myself, creating a chant about the Lord's blessings and promises, to will myself to keep my head up and moving forward. 

We are not done trying yet. But for today, I pour a big glass of wine, and let myself cry a little for those babies who will not be held in my arms this lifetimes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the bunny hop

Someone was looking awfully cute in her Easter dress! I love seeing her all dressed up since we usually spend our days in play clothes. She and the other Four Pack babies (all two years old now!) humored us uncool parents with a little after church photo shoot. And yes, there were doughnut bribes involved in order to keep them in place. 

After church we headed over to my parents for a big Easter lunch and of course, lots of play time in the beautiful weather. 

Lila missed all of Easter lunch during her nap which meant that I actually got to eat with two hands and that when she woke up feeling rested, she was up for a little swingset photo shoot. There is something about family being all together and eating yummy food that make holidays so wonderful. I love all worshiping together in church and leaving knowing He is Risen!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

chicago times

Finally settled back in from our long trip to Chicago, last week was a whirlwind. Changes at work that came about while I was gone made for some long work days, Lila needed lots of snuggles after missing us and we tried to adjust to my lack of lifting and carrying while we wait for our IVF outcome news. Since I am not able to lift over five pounds and Lila now obviously weighs more than my testing weight of a gallon of milk, that creates some challenges. We had to switch her to a big girl bed, set up a ladder in and out of the car and Lila had a hard time not being carried around. 
Regardless of the challenges the last week has held, it was a fabulous trip to Chicago. We loved staying with my cousin Jenny and her husband. The last time we saw them was Cousins Weekend in Asheville last year so it was great to catch up and hang out. We had lots of delicious food, did some fabulous shopping and enjoyed the nice cool Chicago weather. Lots of relaxing as we led up to Saturday's embryo transfer which was just what I needed. 
The transfer went amazingly well and we felt so much peace that day. The little ones floated into their nice warm bed where we hope they will stay put. We have our test on Tuesday so pray for God to continue to knit them together and help them grow, in Jesus name!