Thursday, August 19, 2010

flossie wants some applesauce

Lila will have none of this rice cereal business. Why would she want rice cereal when milk is so easy to drink? And so conveniently packaged? I was starting to think she would never eat food after trying rice cereal every couple of days over the last few weeks. And then I remembered the timeless lessons of Sesame Street.
I used to love Grover. He was my favorite; such a sweet little blue guy. Anyone remember his sister Flossie? In this book, which was on my regular bedtime rotation as a child, Grover had his tonsils out and his little sister Flossie tries to steal his applesauce. I gotta go find a copy of that book for Lila...
And guess who else likes applesauce? This little lady right here. She ate several spoonfuls and was just as happy as could be. I guess I just didn't take into account her delicate palate. Silly mom.
Health food may be good for the conscience
but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.
~Robert Redford


Sues said...

I love this! Annelise would have *NOTHING* to do with baby food; she would only nurse. Finally around 10 months we got her to start eating bananas - they were her "gateway food" :-P

The Planet Pink said...

My kids never ever liked rice cereal either. BUT, I would sneak it into their applesauce, yogurt or other baby food and they'd never know!