Monday, September 28, 2009

strolling along

Being on bedrest has made me boring. I have nothing exciting to post about. Because I am not allowed to do anything fun. Booo. So perhaps I shall write about something that will be utterly boring to everyone but me. I am giving you a free pass to skip this entry if you like. You can thank me later.

Let's talk about...STROLLERS! Yayyyyy...jazz hands. I am very confused by all of the contradicting opinions and the seemingly endless options. At first I was planning on making the very obvious choice and getting the travel system, which is the infant car seat and the matching stroller.

Then I was told by many other moms that they hate their travel system stroller because its too bulky and not convenient. So I asked for opinions on other strollers and got a recommendation for the BOB stroller. Yes you heard me right, "Bob". I love it if nothing more than for the name.

But the BOB is $380. Say what?? I cannot figure out if the Bob is so amazing that it is worth that absurd amount of money or if its just hype. And I am not sure how I figure that out without buying it and trying it out.

I mean, its real pretty and all but it better make me a decaf soy caramel macchiato and deliver it to me in bed every morning for cash like that. So I am at a crossroads...get the stroller that everyone says is worth its weight in gold, or be skeptical and go for the cheaper option. Please feel free to weigh in on my absolutely meaningless, boring dilemma.

If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat,
if your house is on fire, then you got a problem.
Everything else is inconvenience.
~Robert Fulghum

Thursday, September 24, 2009

clowning around

Another doctor's appointment, another extended bedrest. Yup, the doctor added 3 more weeks, so now I will be out until October 15. We feel really blessed that God has made this situation work financially and that I really able to spend time focusing on the baby and being low stress. And of course, catching up with all of our DVR'd season premieres. Do tell, what is the TV premier you are most excited about?? (come on, I have to get my excitement from something!)

We did also got our BIG ultrasound scheduled for October 7 which is super exciting! We can't wait to find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. There is something so definite and promising about being able to have a vision of our baby boy or girl that we can start calling by name. And to celebrate, here is our new balloon animal friend that a clown who came into Brian's work made yesterday. Too long of a story, but basically the clown found out I was pregnant and even though you can't see it on the picture, she put a little baby balloon in the bear's tummy. Yes, this is the rarely seen, elusive yellow pregnant balloon bear. Very timid, make no sudden movements.
Nobody can be uncheered
with a balloon.
~Winnie the Pooh

Monday, September 21, 2009

mommies unite

I was having lunch with a friend from church today. She has three small children and was excitedly discussing all of my pregnancy symptoms and giving me advice on the exciting journey ahead. It made me realize how little Christians and the church have taken the opportunity to be involved in this process, from infertility to getting pregnant to the pregnancy itself.

For most women this is one of the most exciting and overwhelming time in their life, filled with questions and concerns, the need for advice from other women about the practice of getting pregnant, dealing with emotions and symptoms during pregnant, celebrating a life growing inside you, preparing for the birth of your baby, and the actual birthing process. But there is very little advice or forums out there for these thoughts and for Christian women to bond together.

When you are getting married, there are 500 books about preparing for a Christian marriage, curriculum for pre-marital counseling, and Christian articles about the wedding itself and being a Godly wife. However, there is no real Christian magazine, book, curriculum, etc. for experiencing the joy and wonder of pregnancy through God's eyes. All of the pregnancy journals, websites, magazines, etc. have completely cut the spiritual side out of this process.

I wish I was able to hear more amazing stories and advice like those of my friend Jennifer; I think all young Christian mommies-to-be would feel amazing support from bringing God into this process. Any of my mommy readers, feel free to comment and share your best pregnancy advice.

Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder,
and I sit here in the middle of it all
and wonder who you will turn out to be.
~Carrie Fisher

Friday, September 18, 2009

hobby lobby

So first of all, yes I just read "Twilight" in 12 hours and yes, I am now obsessed. Like I needed to give myself something that keeps me up at night reading. I'm just saying, if the baby gets sleep deprived, I am blaming all of you.

I have decided I need a hobby. I mean all good Southern women have a hobby, don't they? Like gardening? Or canning vegetables and jam? Or washing baseboards? I think if I have all of this unfilled time on my hands, the least I can do is find something productive. Cause you know, idle hands are the devils playground.

But the problem is that I am not very visually creative. Sure, I have been known to whip up elaborate scavenger hunts for camp kids, throw together a themed cocktail party for college students, or type up entries for my silly blog, but ask me to draw a picture? Well you better love a good stick figure with curly hair. Maybe my hobby can be grilling? Like I make food on our new beautiful grill and eat it and then me and the baby have happy tummies? Is that a hobby?

Hmm, I think it is time for some reader suggestions please. What is a good hobby that:
1. I can pick up quickly
2. Does not cost a lot for supplies
3. Does not require any visual artistic or creative talent whatsoever (which would automatically eliminate scrapbooking, FYI)

I do not see plays, because I can nap at home for free.
And I don't see movies cause they're trash,
and they got nothing but naked people in them.
And I don't read books, cause if they're any good
they're gonna make them into a miniseries.
~"Steel Magnolias"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

bowled away

Okay so let's not get too into this idea of belly pictures. Nothing against all my beautiful friends and their beautiful pregnant bellies posted on their blogs. But you will not ever be seeing a pulled up shirt, full belly view of pregnant Lindsay. But for my wonderful sis in Florida and friends who cannot see the baby belly on a regular basis, here is a little somethin somethin...

We haven't felt any flutters yet, but the doctor told me it would probably be later since our baby is chilling at the back of my uterus. We have however reached the stage where I can no longer lay on my back. Brian laughs because I will fall asleep on my side, roll over to my back, and wake up in a panic because the baby is pushing on all of my organs. It is the strangest feeling ever, like a little human bowling ball just taking up residence on my abdomen.

On another fun note, I found really cute girl bedding at Marshalls the other day. And no, I did not buy it, even though it was $59 for the bumpers, crib skirt, and sheets. Yes, you heard me right, $59. That my friends, is willpower. Or at least willpower until our October 7 ultrasound. Then all bets are off.

You should never say anything to a woman
that even remotely suggests
that you think she's pregnant
unless you can see an actual baby
emerging from her at that moment.
~Dave Barry

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i'll be peace. i'll be quiet.

I think the monotonous, never-ending routine of bed rest has finally got to me. Friends, I am officially losing it. I am now trying to rationalize with the dogs. And I know I will get comments about how this is just preparing me for days on end with a crying baby and how I will really be out of my mind then, blah blah blah.

But if I have to explain to Molly the dog one more time about how crying at the squirrel in the back yard is not acceptable, just as barking at the highest decibel imaginable over and over again at the squirrel now in a tall tree once I finally let her outside is also not acceptable, I might scream.

Yesterday I just wanted to get out the house for as long as possible. Even if all I was doing was laying on the couch at my parents house. Just out. of. my. house.

On a more positive note, I have finally given it to reading the Twilight series. Yes, after countless hours on the phone with my sister Katelyn praising the gloriousness of vampire love, I have decided to see for myself what all the fuss is about. Its not that I am against vampire love stories in theory, I have just not ever found them to hold my attention very long. But then again, its not like I have a lot going on these days that would interrupt. Stay tuned...

All men's miseries
derive from not being able
to sit in a quiet room alone.
~Blaise Pascal

Friday, September 11, 2009

oh this is ladies night

There is nothing like standing (or sitting in my case) with a group of women as they worship and pray for each other. I have been desperately missing church lately and it bums me out to go a couple of weeks without seeing all my church friends.

On Wednesday night, we had a Ladies Worship Night at church and I was so excited to see everyone. Luckily my good friend Jen drove me and they had couches set up, so I was able to sit down for the worship. I felt such peace and comfort when they closed out the night with my favorite worship song "Your Love Never Fails" sung by my all-time favorite Hope worship leader Jennifer, of course.

The one good thing about being home these last few weeks has been the chance to catch up with so many good friends. We feel so blessed to have our friends that have come visit me at home, brought me lunch, sat with me, and made us awesome dinners. Thanks so much everyone for being so supportive!
Nothing can separate
Even if I ran away
Your love never fails

I know I still make mistakes
But you have new mercies for me everyday
Your love never fails

You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night
But joy comes in the morning
And when the oceans rage
I don't have to be afraid
Because I know that you love me
Your love never fails
~"Your Love Never Fails" by Chris Quilala

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

not laboring

What a great Labor Day weekend we had! Brian's parents joined us up in Durham for a fun filled (and yes, relaxing) weekend of ice cream, yummy home cooked meals (thanks Patti!!), and registering for the baby! And just before everyone gets their feathers in a ruffle, I was escorted all around Target and Babies R Us in a wheelchair. Which was so worth it to get to pick out all our cute, stylish baby stuff. I mean, who wouldn't be excited after picturing the adorable baby in this crib?
Or just riding along in this oh-so-cute polka dot stroller?
Come on baby, hurry up, cause we have lots of shopping to do for you! Other than the obvious excitement of baby buying and hanging out with Benny and Patti, we had a great doctor's appointment yesterday. The baby was jumping all over the place, being silly, and looking healthy. The doctor said that this bleeding looks like it will continue to be a problem as long as Baby A's placenta and sac are staying formed and not dissolving. There is a chance that will never happen and we will be dealing with this the whole pregnancy.

So we are praying for a miracle that it dissolve and I am able to go back to work and be a healthy, non-couch-potato person again soon.
I go back for another doctor's appointment on September 22 and will stay out of work until then. So please keep the prayers coming and feel free to drop me an email or definitely helps break up the day!

Having a child is surely
the most beautifully irrational act
that two people in love can commit.
~Bill Cosby

Friday, September 4, 2009

lazy days

Bed rest so far has consisted of:
1. Sleeping in
2. Making lots of yummy food for my breakfast and lunches
3. Maybe making it out of the house for 1 errand a day

The overwhelming activity of my day is out of control. Yesterday, I even got a movie from Red Box. So how am I going to fit in time for the baby and I to relax in this fast-paced, racing daily environment? Well I am open to suggestions. What is your favorite way to pass a slow day? Books I must read? Movies I must see? Trashy day-time TV I must watch?

Or maybe I should just take a page from the daily life of Zaxby and Molly. They seem to have it figured out.

Rest is not idleness,
and to lie sometimes on the grass
under the trees on a summer's day,
listening to the murmur of water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is by no means a waste of time.
~John Lubbock

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

couch potato

This pregnancy is proving to never have a dull moment. On Sunday night, we had another massive bleed that landed me in the Emergency Room. The baby is still doing great, doing karate chops, high kicks and growing despite all of the drama going on around it. We saw Dr. Coordination today who stated that he thought the bleeding was still coming from Baby A's placenta and that we could be dealing with this up to another month.

So basically we are now on bed rest. Man, my couch is excited about all this extra time we'll get to spend together. That also means I will be off work for the next couple of weeks. We are hoping I can go back to work on September 21 but we will have to see how the baby is growing. The baby of steel that seems to power on no matter what, who we now affectionately call Xena Warrior do you think a lit
tle boy would feel about that nickname? Too feminine? Maybe just drop it to Xena?

Hmm, I guess that means I have a little time on my hands...anyone have a free afternoon? I think our little peach is craving Starbucks...

An apple is an excellent thing...
until you have tried a peach
~George du Maurier