Thursday, August 26, 2010

declaration of togetherness

Our life is so overwhelming right now and I am sick of writing about it. I am sick of it, period. But I pretty much think this is the stereotypical life of 2 working parents of a baby. I find we are having a hard time balancing time as parents, employees and a married couple right now. I miss my husband and our time together. Not without Lila, because we had several awesome months of being a family after she was born. But just time to be together as a family enjoying each other. And now to help with all our extra childcare expenses, Brian has picked up a part time job in the evenings and weekends. Which means we will get to spend even less time together.

I am declaring an intentional effort to spend time together in between the craziness. That means getting up rather than hitting my alarm snooze button twice so Brian and I can have breakfast together before we get ready for the day and Lila wakes up. That means dropping everything when we walk in the house and taking a walk as a family. That means not wasting away our Sundays and planning some intentional family time in the afternoon.

Seems easy huh? But there are always bills to pay, dishwashers to unload, sleep to be had. I think that stuff might need to wait for a while.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
~Anton Chekhov

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Joey&Casey said...

I feel you...oh how I feel you. Joey and I had a bit of a melt down together last Friday because we were both feeling so worn out from the day to day grind and not getting any quality time in. We ordered take out sushi, ate it on the living room floor while Daisy stared at us, then after we put her to bed we shared some Ben and Jerry's and watched a show. It was Heavenly! I hope you get some much needed R & R soon. I didn't know about Brian's side job. Oye, that does leave little time for togetherness! I'll be praying.