Monday, August 2, 2010

yum yum

And we have a baby food eater! Or more accurately, we have a baby food spitter.
I had all these great expectations about how Lila would react to baby food. And it was a serious letdown. There I was, standing in the baby food aisle at Target, having an internal battle over whether I should spend the extra money on organic brown rice cereal over the regular single grain rice cereal. Because it will be the first food my baby ever eats! We are setting standards here!
Lila was not impressed. Why waste your time chewing and swallowing when you can just drink milk? Lila is very busy and does not have time to waste with such nonsense. Oh well, good thing I wasted all that time lovingly making and freezing her individually portioned cubes of baby food. I think she will change her mind one day when she discovers guacamole. That's what finally sealed the deal on real food for me.

I always wondered why babies
spend so much time sucking their thumbs.
Then I tasted baby food.
~Robert Orben


Joey&Casey said...

heheheh super cute pics and I can totally see Daisy responding the same way! lol. I know they will all love grubbing in no time once they figure out how to use their tongues right:) Lila looks like she wants to take a nap in the last pic. hehe

misc.alaina said...

Thanks for the comment and suggestion on that baby name book. I will be checking that one out!

Your little Lila is precious, and her name is beautiful. Best of luck transitioning to baby foods. Guacamole is the best!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Such cute pics!! Found you on Southern Mommas.