Thursday, August 26, 2010

anniversary of a miracle

I love the idea of a blog hop, where lots of bloggers all write about the same topic and share it with each other. I was reading a blog hop yesterday on Call Me Laura Jane about what we were doing a year ago today. Never before have I had a journal to go back to. I am so excited that Lila will have this journal of her whole life to look back on one day. Maybe she will not be excited about all her business up on the internet, but since we will be straight Jetson style flying around in cars in the sky, the internet will probably be so 2000's. "Gosh Mom! You're so out of it!"

It was so amazing to look back to my post from one year ago and see that we had just had an ultrasound of Lila and they had found that the hematoma had disapeared. At the time we thought that it meant we would have no more bleeding (which turned out not to be true) but I remember the immense feeling of peace and rest after that ultrasound. And look at little Lila waving at us!
Oh my gosh, I cannot take the baby fetus cuteness. And now her arm is so full of yummy chubby baby rolls.

And now it's your turn! What were you doing a year ago today? Go to your blog and post a picture, story or just where you were in your life in 2009. Then go to back to Call Me Laura Jane and add your story at the bottom. Make sure to leave me a comment so I can read your awesome stories too!


Laura Jane said...

What a sweet "Year Ago Today" entry. I just love this one. It is great to have this running diary of your life as a mom. Helps us remember all those little things we tend to forget!

BTW, love your blog design! The colors are gorgeous!

Sofia said...

I love ultrasound pictures! Loving your header photos! Specially the one were Lila is sleeping on the bench!

From PDX with Love