Tuesday, June 1, 2010

molly the dog

It makes me so sad to write this post. I am so worried that people will think bad of me, because we love our dogs to death. However, Molly has not been adjusting well to life with Lila. She is so sweet to her and not violent at all. She is just not getting enough attention. She is upset because we can't play with her as much. She is needing more love than we can give her.

We have decided to find a new home for Molly. We would love to see her with a family with lots of kids that want to run around the yard with her. I so desperately want to find her a home and know she is taken care of. We are trying to do the right thing for our family and for Molly.
With that being said, I am putting out the call to anyone who has thought about adopting a cute, house trained dog. Here is the posting with all her information. Please comment below if you want more info and please pray we can find a place of love for our sweet puppy.
Molly is a sweet, playful 2 year old hound mix. She joined our home a year and a half ago and has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves children, loves to play with toys (especially balls and ropes), and does well with other animals. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, and has tan coloring with dark brown markings. She is house trained, but likes to sleep in her open crate. She would be a wonderful dog for a family with a big yard to run in. Please think about bringing Molly into your family!

There is no psychiatrist in the world
like a dog licking your face.
~Ben Williams

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