Monday, June 14, 2010

one year old

One year ago today, Brian and I woke up in our borrowed condo in Chicago, got in the car, drove to our doctor's office, and Lila and her 14 brothers and sisters were created. It's hard to believe a year has gone by since our IVF retrieval date. I remember how nervous and excited and terrified and hopeful we were that day. All we wanted was for God to bless us with a baby. I remember falling asleep in the procedure room, praying that God would give skill and wisdom to all of the doctors who were going to have a hand in the medicine that would grow our baby. And then 5 days later, Lila and her brother Wrigley who is now in heaven were placed back inside me to grow.
We talk about how miraculous it is that Lila was the baby God gave us. It could have been any of those 14 other babies, and she would be a totally different person. But she's our Lila bean. And not a day goes by that I don't thank God for answering our prayers.

God does not exist to answer our prayers,
but by our prayers we come to discern
the mind of God.
~Oswald Chambers

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Joey&Casey said...

Lila is indeed a miracle of miracles and she is the baby that God carved out of eternity for you and Brian to have right now. How amazing is that. Ah, it just amazes me how good God is to give us a taste of Heaven through our children:0. Someday, I very much look forward to meeting precious little Wrigley in Heaven. God Bless you for all you've been through to get here Lindsay!