Tuesday, June 29, 2010

letters to my wee self

Another mommy blogger, Raising Madison, put out a challange to all of us this week to write letters to ourselves at younger ages. I have loved reading everyone's letters with funny moments, sad moments, and thought provoking moments. I have been thinking about mine all day. I like this idea of writing a letter to myself with all the things I wish I could have heard. Join in the fun on your blog too!

Dear Lindsay at 9 years old,
You are about to move across the country from Los Angeles to North Carolina. It is going to be a crazy time for your family, living in a place where we know no one and where our future is uncertain. But it will be the most amazing journey of your life. You will see your family come together to protect and support each other. You will make a "new extended family" with friends that you will celebrate birthdays, weddings, and holidays with forever. Enjoy this new place of lots of trees, safety, and a more innocent childhood. Play with your brother and sister and try to be the best big sister you can be. Do not whine when your parents make you go to their basketball games and cheerleading competitions. You will wish you were there for more of them later.

Dear Lindsay at 11 years old,
Middle school is going to be tough. Super tough. Girls are mean. They say mean things that make you feel horrible inside. That make you think that you will never like what you see in the mirror. But all those girls? They were just as insecure and sad as you. They just had bigger mouths and a hard spirit. Hold your head high. Smile with that mouth full of braces. Rock those big sweatshirts. You got it going on.

Dear Lindsay at 17 years old,
I know you think you love him. And you do. But you need to let him go. Stop going back to him over and over. He will not be different, even when you both get to college. He will not grow up. Realize he treats you like crap and he always will. You do not want to waste your tears over him. God has someone way more amazing for you. Someone who will love you with his whole heart. Hold out for that guy.

Dear Lindsay at 19 years old,
Your best friend is about to tell you she is pregnant. You will be rudely and horribly launched into adulthood. You shouldn't have to think about these things yet. But you do now. Tell her it is okay and you love her. Support her even more than you think she needs. Try to imagine yourself in her shoes and give her what she needs. She could use a good friend now more than ever.

Dear Lindsay at 21 years old,
Enjoy these years in your little apartment with your best friends. It will be the most carefree time in your life. Enjoy all the silly study sessions in the library. Enjoy late night Cookout milkshake runs. Enjoy snuggling in your PJ's on the couch and watching Dawson's Creek. These girls will be your best friends for life.

Dear Lindsay at 22 years old,
Thank God for this amazing man. Try not to make your dating life so dramatic. Have more conversations and listen more than talk. This is the man you will marry. This is the man who will be a wonderful father and love of your life. He is God's gift to you and treat him as such. Enjoy all the wedding planning and try to not freak out about the details. It will be a fabulous day, even though you lose your veil and it almost rains. Thank your parents for throwing you such a beautiful wedding.

Dear Lindsay at 24 years old,
These will be the hardest next two years of your life. The desire to be a mom will overwhelm you and hurt your heart in ways you cannot imagine. You will cry a thousand tears. You and Brian will dig deep in your heart to try to understand why God is letting you go through this. But hold tight to God's promises. Remember to tell Brian what an amazing husband he is. Thank him for all the shots he has to give you, all the doctors appointments he has to go to, all the hormone swings he will hold your hand through. And your mom...oh your mom. She will be your amazing calm in the storm. She will hold your hand and your heart. Thank her for her unfailing love and support.

Dear Lindsay at 27 years old,
I know you cannot take one more minute of this never-ending, heart wrenching, constantly stressful and terrifying pregnancy. I know it has been a long, sad road. But enjoy these last moments with Lila inside you. Memorize every little movement. Every kick to your ribs. Every hiccup. It will soon be hard to remember those amazing feelings and how you ached to hold her in your arms. And prepare your heart. You will not believe how much you love this tiny, little person. How you will thank God every day you pick her up for keeping her safe. Make sure to stop and remember every second. Becoming a mom will be the best moment of your life.

Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could;
some blunders and absurdities have crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely
and with too high a spirit to be encumbered
with your old nonsense.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Joey&Casey said...

That's a really neat idea and it was really sweet to read your letters. Isn't it crazy what we go through looking back and knowing that our daughters will go through just as much or more...eeek. All just a part of growing up I guess. Thanks for sharing;)