Saturday, June 19, 2010

moving on up

Today is moving day! Not for me, thank gawd. I told Brian that we are not moving again until we are rich enough to afford movers. The kind who come in and pack up your house for you. And all I have to do is stand there in my pearls and apron and pass out water.

But it's moving day for my sister Katelyn and her husband Peter! They are moving up from Florida so Peter can start his MBA at Duke this fall. He's super smart. And it means they will now be living 5 minutes from our house! Not 3 hours by plane, or 10 hours by car, or 10 days by bike. It is going to be so amazing to have them close by to hang out with anytime we want. I am pretty sure they are going to have to kick us out of their new pool on a weekly basis. We are just so excited for their new life up here, Katelyn's new job, Peter's school program, and the amazing things God has ahead for them.

To welcome them to our town, I went and got take out menus from all of our favorite restaurants. I know it is fun to find new places to eat when you move, but there is also some days you just want a little take out and you don't want to end up eating bad food. This way, they know where the cheap Chinese restaurant with the little man who always gives extra fortune cookies and a wink!

The great thing in the world is
not so much where we stand,
as in what direction we are moving.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes


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