Friday, June 18, 2010

nanny diaries

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a nanny! Wow, that was a tough process. I mean, I knew it would not be simple finding the exact right person to watch Lila two days a week. But I did not expect the silly people who apparently think they would be good nannies to come out of the woodwork.

I only was searching through personal recommendations right now. So no online nanny sites. Or Facebook. Just through emails to people I trusted. And apparently, I need to reassess who I trust. Some of these women...wooo. Maybe I just have too high of expectations, but I didn't think it was too much to ask for someone who answers emails in a timely manner, speaks English, is a Christian (I know that one is a stretch, but it was important to me), and has experience with small children. Oh, and is NOT the mayor of Crazytown.

It is a big deal to think about someone staying in your house all day, caring for your child, wanting them to be taken care of and nurtured. And then...Hannah emailed me. Oh Hannah, with her cute red hair, and slight English accent, and understanding of infant developmental milestones. I will try to wipe my drool now in case Hannah ever finds my blog and is weirded out by her stalker mommy boss.

I had such a great time talking with her today and hearing her ideas on child rearing and life. In fact, I think we could be friends. So unprofessional, I know. First time mom, very inexperienced with this nanny business. So now that I have decided to allow Hannah to become Lila's new BFF, I need to find another mommy to share her with.

Could I make this any more complicated?? Since I don't make enough cash money to pay for Hannah myself, I am trying to find another mom with 1 or 2 children who would like to share her two days a week. And we can all be one big happy, working parent, nanny extraordinaire family. Please let me know if you hear of any families that would want in on this fabulous (and much cheaper I might add) nanny sharing idea. Cause you know you want her to be your baby's BFF too.

I had one nanny who made me sit
in front of a bowl of porridge for
three or four days running when I refused to eat it.
I remember being very unhappy about that.
~Anjelica Huston


Groovy Baby Blog said...

Cute blog and Welcome from MBC, now I'm a follower on GFC!

Nadine said...

Good luck! If I lived close to you I would definitely like to trade baby sitting days!!! I'm looking for something very similar. Child care is ridiculously expensive. For some people I would say it wouldn't be worth going back to work because all your extra income goes to childcare.

You'll find the right person! :-)