Thursday, June 3, 2010

snuggle bug (and not so snuggly thoughts)

Lila just looked so adorable curled up on the couch this morning with her new toy. It has crinkly wings (so unbelievable exciting for a baby) and sings a lullaby when you pull its tail. We picked it up on Saturday during our date night. Yes, that is right, we went baby shopping on date night to buy some cute stuff for my good friend who just told us she is pregnant (shout out to Mrs. M!). Losers. Right before we saw "Robin Hood." Double losers. Pretty lame movie, except for that part where he shot an arrow through a guy's throat from like a mile away.

I know, I just can't help but like gory stuff like that. Not like, chain saw massacre gory. But like funny because it is so crazy absurd gory. Top 2 awesome gory movie moments:

1. In "Lake Placid" where that guy is scuba diving in the lake and all of a sudden his buddy in the boat sees it bubbling underneath the water and the scuba guy pops up screaming and his buddy tries to pull him out of the water and the giant gator had chomped the lower half of his body clean off.
2. Another fabulous movie "Gladiator" with Russel Crow (Huh, same guy as in "Robin Hood." Maybe he also has a thing for crazy gory scenes...). He is the gladiator fighting all these bad guys in the Coliseum and he takes two swords and stabs this guy in the chest and then pulls the swords out and swings them through the air and chops off his head. Hilarious!

I know, I am one sick sick puppy. But it makes me laugh for some reason. I promise to be more particular about my movie choices once Lila is old enough to watch movies with me. Do you have a weird type of movie that you love? Leave a comment and tell me some funny stories.

A good film is when the price of the dinner,
the theatre admission and the babysitter
were worth it.
~Alfred Hitchcock

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