Thursday, March 31, 2011

more than you ever wanted to know

I need to get myself back into the swing of things with posting so I am going to write from some prompts until I start feeling motivation again. Hopefully that will be soon. But hopefully you will enjoy the fun info sharing in the meantime. Here is a cute post idea I got from Katie at Cleared For Takeoff.

a - age: I am 28 and feel very old saying that. Wasn't I just out with all of my girls for my 21st birthday at a country line dancing bar?

b - bed size: king sized bed, all the way. I can totally roll all over the bed and still not bug Brian. And talk and sing and all the other weird things I do in my sleep.

c - chore you dislike: oh my gah I hate cleaning bathrooms. They gross me out. But since it's my mess, does that mean I am grossed out by myself? I cannot wait for the day when Lila is old enough for chores and I can delegate that to her. Just kidding...well, maybe.

d - dogs: meet Zaxby the dog. Isn't she super cute? She turns seven years old TOMORROW. Happy birthday Zaxby pup!
e - essential start to your day: yummy coffee with fat free french vanilla creamer. Delish. We love to enjoy coffee in bed, snuggling Lila with her morning bottle and catching up on the Today Show.

f - favorite color: green. Love it. Own too many pieces of clothes in it. Color of my dining room and Lila's room.

g - gold or silver: silver, although gold jewelry is growing on me. My wedding set is white gold, so silver colored-ish.

h - height: 5' 4". Shorty short. But super tall compared to my mom (5' 1") and my sister (barely scraping in it 5').

i - instruments you play(ed): I played several different instruments in high school (marching band, what up!). I played tenor saxophone, alto saxophone and baritone. We went to Europe twice with my marching band and played in competitions all over the country. And then I graduated high school and never picked up any of them again.

j - job title: Special Events Manager. I plan fun events and ask people for money. You need a golf tournament, poker tournament, 5K walk/run, gala, auction or swim-a-thon planned? I'm your girl.

k - kids: Lila Addison. 12 months old. Shameless baby photo below.

l - live for: I live for long walks with Brian and Lila, falling asleep to the sound of rain through the open windows, quiet time with my bible and a big cup of coffee, sitting around a table with my girl friends laughing, and watching Lila as she explores the world.

m - most embarrassing moment: probably getting locked in the closet while pumping at work when I had only been in my new job about 2 weeks. Seriously, who does that??

n - nicknames: Lindsay Lou, Lou Lou, Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma (why would Lila just say it once when she can repeat it 20 times?)

o- overnight hospital stays: oooo, where to start? I have a little bit of a complicated medical history. Let's just list em out: 2 surgeries for laparoscopy on my lady parts thanks to my raging endometriosis, a surgey for a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone (fun fact...all 3 of the kids in my family have had surgery for pilonidal cysts. they are supposedly not hereditary), a really bad food poisoning experience at Cheesecake Factory (sorry to ruin that one for you), wayyyy too many ER night stays during my pregnancy, and of course Lila's delivery.

p - pet peeves: people who groom in public (clipping nails, flossing, putting on lipstick at the table). Little girls wearing sassy shirts ("This princess is always right"). People touching my face for any reason at all. Talking loudly on your phone in a public place. Generic brands of food that taste nothing like the name brand. Rude people who touch pregnant bellies. Moms who judge other moms for their child rearing decisions (that are not related to endangering the child). Slimy vegetables. Fanny pack wearing by anyone for any purpose.

q - quote from a movie: "Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish!"

r - road trip necessity: almondy joys, cold diet coke, iPod full of Glee singalong music, adjusted baby mirror so we can play peek-a-boo with Lila, fluffy socks, family prayer as we pull out of the driveway.

s - siblings: I have a sister, Katelyn, who is 25 and lives in Durham only five minutes from me with her husband Peter. Lila lurrrrves having her Auntie Katelyn and Uncle Peter so close. My brother Jonny is 21 and is a junior at East Carolina University and is a super smart pre-med major. He is going to write me lots of prescriptions one day.

t - time you wake up: I am not a morning person and hate getting up at 6:30 on work days. I would gladly sleep until 10 if all the rude people who require bottles and coffee immediately would let me.

u - university attended: I went to Elon University, a small private school in North Carolina. Picture a country club with students in designer clothes with designer haircuts who are all super smart. I was none of these things and relished in wearing sweat pants and a giant curly ponytail to class.

v - vegetables: man I love my veggies. Beets, edamame, broccoli, peas, artichokes, spinach, green peppers, olives, just to name a few of my favs. Except for cauliflower. It looks like little white trees. Which is messed up.

w - what makes you run late: I like to blame Lila, because she's a convenient excuse. But I was late long before I had a baby. All friends/colleagues are aware of the required 15 minute buffer to all planned meetings.

x - x-rays you've had: a lot? I am super clumsy and have fractured both my ankles and both my wrists. And broken numerous fingers and toes. The most notable was when I broke my own finger while cracking my knuckles watching the Stanley Cup finals. The doctor said he didn't even know that was possible.

y - yummy food you make: I love to make food, although I am a much better cook than baker. Some of my favorites are Penne alla Vodka, Beef Stew, Artichoke and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken, and anything mexican.

z - zoo animal favorites: one time we were at the zoo and saw a kangaroo juggling his own testicles. True story. My whole family was pointing and laughing hysterically and this group of moms on a field trip kept shooting us dirty looks and trying to redirect their kids' attention.

Share everything. Don't take things that aren't yours.
Put things back where you found them.
~"All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"
by Robert Fulghum


Ashlynn said...

Just had to tell you that your post had me laughing out loud! You are too funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lindsay I laughed out loud too at your X comment!! Broke your own finger and your doctor wondered how you did that! You're hysterical. I got a good hearty belly laugh from that one, thanks!

xo Pauline

Katie Jones said...

After reading this post I have decided that we are now going to be best friends forever and I'm going to make you a bracelet that proves it. You are hilarious!