Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In anticipation of Lila's birthday on Thursday, I am writing up some of my favorite Lila memories over the last year. One of my very favorite memories of Lila was the day we dedicated her at our church. We dedicate babies, promising to raise them in a Christian home, rather than baptizing, which we believe is something for Lila to choose when she gets older. I loved that Lila wore a beautiful silk dress that my mom had bought for her in LA at an adorable boutique. I loved that our whole family, both Brian's side and mine, was at church to celebrate this day. I loved standing up on stage with the 4 Pack, our four family friends who all had their first baby within 6 weeks of each other.
What I didn't love is that right before we walked on stage, she pooped out her diaper all over the inside of her white dress. And on my arm. And all over my dress. And then she puked down the front of my dress on stage. But you would never know by that smile plastered all over my face and all over Brian's face as we frantically whispered back and forth. "Can you see the poop??!!" "No, just keep smiling and no one will know!" Truly the stuff that wedding rehearsal speeches are made of. And the stuff of great mommy stories at the coffee shop.
Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren't completely embarassed yet,
but you glimpse tomorrow's embarrassment?
~Tom Cruise

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