Thursday, March 10, 2011

a whole year

Dear Lila,
This past year has been a blur. Yesterday, I thought every hour about what I was doing a year ago at that moment. On one hand, I cannot even remember a time when you were not in our lives but I also feel like every day with you flies by and you are growing before our eyes. You are so hilarious to watch as you slowly test the waters, taking bigger steps around your toys with every day. You smile so big as you explore the world around you, picking up new toys, opening cupboards in amazement at the cool kitchen utensils behind the pots and pans that you didn't even know existed. You are regularly saying Mama and Daddy and we love hearing you call our name. You make the cutest "mmmm" noises while you eat your veggies and fruits in your high chair then grabbing your water cup, guzzling as fast you can and throwing it across the room as soon as you are done.

We love the way you interact with your friends, sharing toys and stealing them back, crawling over to them and following around the big kids while they run. You are the biggest flirt, always waving and then turning your head, smiling with your coy little eyes while others try to get your attention again. You have your signature bow in your hair every day, always matching your outfit, never one to shy away from style.

Our favorite time of the day is when one of us gets your warm bottle in the morning when we hear your first rustles in the crib, while the other one walks in your room to see your big smiles peeking above the crib rails. We all pile back into bed together and watch the morning news while you drink your bottle and run your hands along our faces.

You have filled our house with more joy, giggles and smiles, cuddle time, diaper fiascos and crawling races around the floor than we ever could have imagined. Seeing you learn how to pull yourself up, then stand, then start to take steps while holding on has been the most amazing moments as a parent, knowing you can learn and grow all on your own. We love you so much and thank God every day that he trusted us enough to help you grow as a woman of God.

Love to our Lila Bean,
Love mommy and daddy


Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet Linds and brian......
Thankyou for letting us partake in Lilas journey!!!!
xoxoxoxo Pauline
Had tears in my eyes reading this!!!

Casey Martinez said...

HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY LILA!!! What adorable collage pictures and what a sweet post to your little girl Lindsay! What a special day today is!