Monday, March 7, 2011

beach bum

The week is here. The week I have been both dreading and anticipating for the past year. Lila is turning one on Thursday. The milestone is not lost on us in our house, where Lila is changing more from a baby to a toddler every moment. Last night, she stood up from sitting to straight up on her feet without wavering or holding on for the first time. Just stood there and stared at us, smiling that she was just standing up like a big girl. This week, I will be posting some of my favorite Lila moments from the last year.

toes in the sand
One of my favorite Lila moments was the first time we visited the ocean. She looked so surprised when we dropped her feet in the water, which was still a little chilly despite it being July. Having grown up at the beach myself, there was something so amazing about seeing Lila's first moment in the sand. It was the beginning of so many beach trips, sand castles, buckets and shovels, and boogie boarding to come.
the sun and the sand
and a drink in my hand
with no bottom
no shoes, no shirt, no problems
~"No Shoes, No Shirt, No problems" by Kenny Chesney

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Casey Martinez said...

I can't believe our girls are all one/turning one! Lila has had an amazing year and had lots of adventures! Love her toes in the sand picture! Daisy has never been to the beach yet!