Wednesday, March 23, 2011

birthday princess

You know you're a delinquent mommy blogger when people are stalking your friend's blog to see pictures of your baby's first birthday party. Thanks Casey for taking such amazing photos!

Lila's birthday party on Sunday was everything I thought it would be and more. With a Fancy Nancy theme, even the menu did it's best to be fabulous. Royal Fruit Wants (fruit kabobs), Nighttime Piggies (pigs in a blanket), Chicken Salad Crowns (chicken salad in a pastry cup) and Pretty In Pink Lemonade.
We also went fancy with our dessert, with funfetti cupcake batter, pink frosting, spring colored sprinkles and a crown topper. Lila HATED the cupcakes. I mean, she hated them so much that she had to begrudgingly eat every last crumb to assure that yucky yucky cupcake left her high chair. Doesn't this look like a little girl that is bummed out about all that sugar she was FORCED to eat?
Of course, Her Majesty had to have her royal subjects stop at the favor table and pay their respects. For their loyalty they received a flower wand, crazy mustache kit or silly sunglasses.
And like any good friends, they showered her with gifts. This baby racked up! As I looked around my living room that night strewn with new toys, fabulous wardrobe of clothes, toddler laptop (no joke), books and puzzles, I asked Brian if we were setting the bar a little too high perhaps? She actually sat very well throughout the gift opening and even tried on her new crown for us to admire.
I could not imagined a more beautiful day, celebrating my baby who has turned into a toddler before our eyes. The miracle we waited for years to hold. Surrounded by all our family and friends, I closed by eyes in the sun and thanked God. Over and over again.
May you live all the days of your life.
~Jonathan Swift

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Casey Martinez said...

IT really was a beautiful party and Lila was so precious all day! You are an awesome momma to your sweet little angel!