Monday, July 26, 2010

working momma drama part 2

Remember my hilarious story about the Pump Fiasco of 2010? Well here is Part 2 for your Monday morning amusement...
After last week's pumping in the front seat of my car, I was all focused on taking this pumping seriously. No more messing around and forgetting the pump at work. I was determined to get the hang of this because I do not want to wean Lila. I really love my time nursing her when I am at home. So I am going to push through with the inconvenience at work while I get the hang of this schedule.

That being said, I was working really hard to streamline the process at work so I can pump faster and get back to work. I was getting ready to do my last pumping session of the day right before I left work, like right at 5pm. So I grab all my stuff, including my cell phone so I can keep an eye on the time. I go into the storage closet at work, shut the door and hear a loud bang out in the office. As I was the only one left that day in the upstairs loft where I work, I was confused as to who made the noise.

I go to open the door's stuck. Will not move. I push really hard and can see through the crack in the door that something is wedged against it. That's when I realized that the extra cubicle partition wall that was propped up behind the storage closet door had fallen, gotten wedged against the refrigerator next to the door. Basically, I locked myself in the storage closet.
Seeing as how there was no one to hear me scream, I decided to do a little problem solving. Or I guess I could have just pumped and dealt with it afterwards, but the being stuck thing seemed to be more pressing. Then I realized I had my cell phone. So I called my boss's work phone, across the building.

"Hello Boss Lady, it's Lindsay"
"Oh hello Lindsay...wait, where are you? Why are you calling me from your cell phone? I didn't know you had left already."
"Umm, I didn't. Can you please come let me out of the storage closet? I locked myself in"
"How did you lock yourself in? The lock is on the inside of the door."
"Yeah, can you just come upstairs? You'll see when you get up here"

1 minute late I hear a bunch of laughing outside the door. And by the next morning, the entire office started responding to interoffice phone calls with "Hello? Hold on one second, I'm in the closet..." I think I will be winning the Employee of the Month award for July.

Most of the time, it was probably really bad
being stuck down in a dungeon.
But some days, when there was a bad storm outside,
you'd look out the little window and think,
"Boy I'm glad I'm not out in that."
~Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

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