Saturday, July 10, 2010

four and fabulous

Happy four month birthday baby girl! I remember when you were just a little new baby. You were so sweet, just calm and full of adorable baby noises. You used to shudder so cute in your sleep, like you were having little baby dreams. You would constantly make nursey faces in the night, always wanting another snack. This is one of favorite pictures of you, the night you came home from the hospital.
You have become so much fun with all your smiles and squeaks. You can say the "M" sound now and love to squeall really loud. You LOVE the sound of your own voice. You smile at anyone who smiles at you; always making new friends. You love to fall asleep with your little pink blanket across your face. We think it is because it calms you down and is super soft. But everyone thinks we are smothering you, so thanks for that.
You are almost sitting up. You can hold your head and shoulders up all by yourself. You love to lay on your play mat and try to bat at the toys hanging above you. And then, quick as lightening, you roll over onto your tummy and push your little arms underneath you so you can look around. You wouldn't want to miss anything by laying down!
We can't wait to see who you grow up to become. We know you will be so full of life, such an adventurous little girl. Here's to many more celebrations of your life to come!

Your children will become what you are;
so be what you want them to be.
~David Bly

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