Friday, July 2, 2010

the saving one

Yesterday, Lila and I had some fun bath time and then I laid her down on her Pack N Play to air dry. Lila hates air drying. Not that I can blame her. I mean, I wouldn't like being wet and naked and forced to lay there all cold. That's what comfy robes are for.This time I decided to try playing some worship music and see if the music distracted her for a minute or so. I walked back over from the kitchen and look who had fallen fast asleep.
I had been playing Brian and I's new favorite worship song, "The Saving One" by Starfield. It has such an awesome message and I guess it calmed Lila's little heart down. I love when she gets quiet during worship at church and I hope she is taking it all in, even at this age. Here is a video with the song, and I apologize in advance for some of the pictures in the video. I do not condone music videos with pictures of bald head eagles. Or badly photoshopped pictures of Jesus' tomb.

See that you do not look down 
on one of these little ones.
For I tell you that their angels in heaven
always see the face of my Father in heaven.
~Matthew 18:10

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Kimberly said...

Great song! She is so sweet...I sing Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus to my calms idea why...but they both love it :-) I also wanted to tell you I gave your blog an award! Stop over to my blog to see it :-) Hope you're having a good weekend with your family! ~Kimberly