Wednesday, July 28, 2010

punch fanny pack

Being on vacation makes me think of lots of family memories. I mean, mostly I am thinking about when it's Corona Time, how cute Lila looks in a swim suit and sun glasses too big for her face, beating my brother in Scrabble and taking a bike ride down the island with Brian.

But when I am not thinking about those life altering, earth shattering decision, I am thinking about all the fun family vacations we have all had together. That family vacation to Jamaica where my dad tried to make us all eat "the best local beef ever" from a road side fire pit. That cruise where we not only were delayed and evacuated due to a hurricane, but were then attacked by a swarm of jellyfish while snorkeling. The trip to the Florida Keys where my brother had to go to the ER after slicing his hand open with a pocket knife.

We sound like a blast. But while we ward off disastrous evil vacation ruining spirits, we also have a heck of a good time. Like when we all went to Disney World together. And that is where the fanny pack game was invented.
Tourists at Disney World love them some fanny packs. When we noticed the sheer magnitude of fanny packs around us, we decided to create a game. Every time we saw a tourist with a fanny pack, we had to call it and punch each other in the arm. Like Punch Buggy, but cooler.

Obviously there is still a place for Fanny Packs, as pointed out so poignantly by Wikipedia: "Today, fanny packs are often worn by hikers, bicycle riders and dog walkers. Fanny packs are used by travelers and were more popular during the early and mid 1990s. They can be slung either forward, to the side, or to the rear of the wearer. One of the primary advantages of fanny packs is that they are hands-free. This makes them great choices over purses not only for travelers, but also for some people with disabilities, and those who have mobile professions."

As the people at Disney World are obviously not hiking, riding a bike, walking a dog or engaging in a mobile profession, I am pretty sure this definition disqualifies their right to wear such a hideous accessory. Poor fashion choice for them, hours of amusement for us.

I see a fannypack as being kind of like
the sweatpants of luggage...and it also says, "I quit."
It says, "I am now a non-combatant in the game of life."
When you have a fannypack, it's like public.
You say, "this is it, I'm done. I got nothing."
~Merlin Mann


pastorbill said...

I love the fanny packs with dual beverage holders. They are clearly the best.

Joey&Casey said...

How sad that in my 3rd or 4th grade class picture I'm the only one wearing a fanny pack....and I was SO proud of it!! hehehehe