Monday, November 28, 2011

sweater legs

Boots are so in this year. I can say that with confidence since I have a sister who works in fashion. Because if I was taking advice from my own closet I would have to say that Birkinstock clogs are SO in this year. Which is clearly not even close to true.

But now there is this trend I keep seeing all over Pinterest of people creating boot socks so they stick out the top of your boots over your jeans. Or sometimes they actually go over your boots, like boot cover ups. But here is the thing...people keep posting pictures that were supposedly cut from old sweaters in their closet. 
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Maybe I am just a crafting/sewing novice but I am pretty sure if I tried to cut the arms off an old sweater and wear them under/on top of boots, I would like look a crazy homeless person who was trying to stay warm. People would probably think I had plastic grocery bags underneath my sweater for insulation from the cold. It would not look trendy or intentional. 
I appreciate the creativity but I would like to call BS on this one. The only person who I have seen do this for real and look adorable is Mandy from Harper's Happenings and she could make a potato sack look chic. I challenge anyone else to show me a real picture of their homemade sweater socks that do not make their legs look like stuffed sausage. In the mean time, my Birkenstocks and I will just keep fashion real in the 1999 kinda way.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I think it's a fun and creative way to put old clothing into style!!! It really brings out an outfit...But only certain women can pull it off. You have tot have the right outfit with it to even look right!

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