Monday, November 14, 2011

not very smooth criminal

Showers when you are a mom are as close as you get to relaxing. Yes it is sad because in essence, we are cleaning filth from our body and usually rushing to get out the door. But we are blissfully alone and there is hot water. I might as well be at a spa as far as I am concerned. Usually I try to let Brian keep Lila downstairs when I am taking a shower so I can enjoy the relaxation for an extra five minutes. 

Saturday morning I pumped up the Glee Pandora station and jumped in the shower for some sing along time while I went about the arduous task of shaving...bleh, I hate being bothered to be a lady. I was jamming to some Journey when all of a sudden the next song switched on. My moment of relaxation was quickly altered when the loud orchestra strings version of "Smooth Criminal" (not the original delightfully 80's version by Michael Jackson) came blasting into the shower. 

I had a dilemma...did I get out of the shower dripping wet with soap all over my legs just to change the song? Or do I suck it up and listen to the super annoying music? I contemplated for several minutes, now wasting the hot water and relaxation. I tried to hurry up and finish shaving with the very fast paced string music now making my heart race and feel like I was in a race against the evil song. 

And wouldn't you know it, the moment I finished and jumped out of the shower, "Walking on Sunshine" came on. I do not link to the David Garrett version of "Smooth Criminal" so you can enjoy it's musical delight, only so that you too can now have a MJ song ruined forever. Hey, at least it didn't ruin your shower.

Annie are you okay
So, Annie are you okay
Are you okay Annie
You've been hit by, you've been struck by
A smooth criminal
~"Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson

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