Tuesday, November 1, 2011

dressed to impress

Lila has been growing so much and when the weather started to turn several weeks ago, I sadly realized she has no clothes with long sleeves. So after several weeks of dressing her in inappropriate capris and short sleeves with her tummy hanging out of her shirt (class, class, class), I realized it was time for a new wardrobe. 

Since I do not have the luxury of waltzing into a store and buying her all new winter clothes, I had to improvise. We love buying consignment because the clothes are already a little softened up but I can always find them in great condition. I am able to buy her so many more clothes and then I don't feel guilty when she only wears them a few times before her rapidly lengthening legs shoot up. 

Our favorite kids consignment store in the area, Kid To Kid, has lots of great deals with this season clothes in excellent condition (some times with original tags still on them) for a quarter of the price. But I knew that even at a few dollars a piece, I could not get enough items for Lila's large dresser that needed to be filled. So my mom and I ventured out to our first large community consignment sale at a local church. I found this great website that listed all of the consignment sales in the state by area and by date.

This sale was the craziest thing I have ever seen! Women were everyone just mobbing the racks and grabbing piles of clothes. I definitely did not know the "insider tips" and now feel more prepared for future consignment sales. 
1. Measure arm lengths, inseam and waist and then bring a tape measure with you to check clothing. 
2. Trace your child's feet on a piece of paper so you can check shoe sizes.
3. Bring a very large shopping bag or a small cart to put all your purchases in while you are walking around.
4. Take photos of any nursery decor you are trying to match. 
We racked up and got almost 30 items for $65, including a winter coat, toys, shoes and lots of clothes. Everything was in great quality with no stains and looks like this fall's current style. And she got a little purse that she now carries around the house on her arm to the front door and says "Bye bye!" And that alone is worth $65.

Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends. 
Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.  
~Henry David Thoreau

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Abbi said...

WHAT FANTASTIC FINDS! Hats off to you savvy mommy!