Tuesday, November 22, 2011

shades of gray

I felt like a loser for asking my mom to be there. Seriously how hard could it be? The directions are written for the education level of a preschooler. But I needed her to reassure me that it was not that bad. That even though this was the start of many years of evenings locked into the bathroom to come, I would be just fine. 

Luckily it doesn't look any difference, minus the crown of grays that sparkled in the sun. I cannot believe I am this old. Botox and tummy tucks, here I come.

You can keep your black and your red heads
You can keep your brunettes too
I wanna girl that's semi intelligent
Gimme a blonde that's six feet two boy
and that ain't all
~"Blondes Have More Fun" by Rod Stewart

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Heather said...

I am glad it worked out!