Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a few of my favorite things

As I was drinking my favorite new coffee this morning, I decided to put together a monthly "favorite things" blog post, inspired by the fabulous Katie from Cleared For Takeoff. No, I was not paid to review any of these items, nor did I receive them for free. I paid for them with cold hard cash (and maybe a double stacking coupon scam I am not authorized to discuss). Hope you enjoy some of my favorites and if you now spend the whole day singing about brown paper packages tied up with string or whiskers on kittens, you can thank me later.  
 This is what happens when you are aimlessly wandering through the aisles of Walmart enjoying the peace and quiet of a toddler asleep in bed at home. You buy cheap wine with a shrug. At $3.48, even if it sucks I won't feel too bad pouring it down the drain. But it doesn't suck! Score for me!

I saw this awesome kids tupperware in Pottery Barn one day and then spent multiple weeks dreaming about it and looking in every other store that wouldn't cost $12. But alas, its beauty was only to be found in the PB world of $500 cribs and $99 pillowcases. But is was so worth every dollar for Lila's lunches. It is divided straight down the middle and is the perfect size to hold several different kinds of foods or a half sandwich and has a frozen gel pack that pops into the lid. 

I saw this beauty on Alison's blog and totally scored a Plum District coupon code for half off. I am IN LOVE with my new planner. It is so adorable and stylish. And it lays out every week with lots of room for notes, full month calendar pages, a zipped and folder compartment in the back and lots of labeled stickers. It takes this planner, the one on my phone and my Outlook to keep me in place. And I am still inevitably 15 minutes late to everything. 

My mom was staying with us last week and I kept using her coffee in the morning. Which means it was better than mine. So we took a trip to Trader Joe's and I bought my own new coffee. See what a grown up I am?? It is darker than our old coffee, which means I do not use as much and therefore it lasts longer. Double score! 

I am so an angsty fifteen year old girl at heart. Let me take out my retainer, click over to call waiting on my curly cord phone and turn off my mix tape on my tape player. I am in love with this new show on Wednesday nights. I loved Emily VanCamp on "Brothers & Sisters" and I love her even more now that she is fabulous and ruthless...two things that go together so well. I would highly recommend you start from the beginning of the season and work your way up to now to not miss any of the backstabbing drama.


Christine said...

i love the PB lunch containers... i spent way too much on them, but they are awesome, kids love them and they don't warp over time.. .Faith's personal favorite-the bento box, it fits perfectly in her lunch box and she loves all the surprises in each compartment

Kritter said...

Lindsay - I love the show Revenge too, I was nervous that no one is talking about it and would see it get cancelled. Good to know there are at least two people watching it!