Thursday, May 13, 2010

little mom

This is a letter I wrote to my "little mom" as we call her for Mother's Day. She is in fact, little, so it makes sense. And I just love my little mom with every fiber of my being. And this post is a tribute to her and how much I celebrate her this Mother's Day.

I have been thinking about writing you this letter for some time and Mother’s Day sounded like the perfect time to tell you how much I love you. You are such an amazing mom to Katelyn, Jonny and I. You are the most selfless mom, always putting us before yourself. I know the sacrifices you made throughout the years to always be home with us, taking us to practices, listening to our stories after school and giving us so much love. You are a true example of a Godly woman.

These past two years has been the hardest in my life. The desire Brian and I have to be parents was so strong it almost hurt. I knew that God had a plan for my life, even if it was hard to see every day. And throughout it all, you were there to hold my hand, dry my tears and love me unconditionally. You knew when to listen and when to give support. You knew when to encourage me to keep persevering and when to stand quietly beside me. I know without a doubt that Brian and I would not have made it through this journey without you.

When I decided to go to Chicago for our IVF, you quit your job, hopped in a car and spent 3 weeks in a totally different state. Not many mothers would make that kind of sacrifice without even blinking. Not many mothers would see this as an opportunity to be a mom, even to her already grown daughter. You dealt with my hormonal meltdowns in Walmart, you gave me shots in my rump, you let me take ridiculously long naps, you talked for hours about my fears and hopes and you held my hand as I cried. I look back now and know that it is a time I will always treasure when it was just the two of us.

At every point in my pregnancy when I was scared, you told me it would be alright, even when you didn’t know that for sure. Every time I was excited, you shared in my joy. Every time I was nervous about becoming a mom, you told me stories from your point of view to encourage me.

The night I had Lila, you stood beside me and Brian, supporting us as we brought our daughter into the world. I could not imagine becoming a mother without you by my side. And I will always remember you standing beside Lila’s bassinet talking to her and praying over her as the nurses worked feverishly. You were a mom to her, even as you were becoming a grandmother.

I look into Lila’s eyes and feel the most overwhelming love and passion for her. I would do anything for her and am overwhelmed at how God has instantly bonded us together. Only now can I finally understand the love you have for us. Only now can I see the treasure God gave us in a mother like you. Thank you for every moment you spent putting us before yourself. Thank you for the unconditional love you showered on us throughout our lives. Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom to Lila. I love you.

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Sarah said...

Linds, I am now total mush for the day. Thanks :-)