Saturday, May 15, 2010

fly me to the moon

And away we go! Lila and I left North Carolina on Friday morning with my mom to fly to Florida where my sister Katelyn and her husband Peter live. Alert alert! Crazy woman attempting air travel with a 9 week old baby! I spent a lot of time before we left thinking about the logistics of flying with a baby. So much stuff. So much crying in enclosed places. So little personal space. As stressed out as I was, Lila did great on the flights down. In fact, she slept the entire flight, both from Raleigh to Atlanta, and from Atlanta to Orlando. Lucky me! And of course, lucky all the other people in the very close proximity to us. 

We arrived on Friday evening and have been having an awesome time with Katelyn and Peter. Lila slept NINE HOURS on Friday night. No joke. And I didn't even drug her! She apparently likes being in the land of Minnie Mouse. I will blog about all the fun stuff we are doing when we get back on Tuesday, but in the meantime, here is a picture of my hard core shopper little girl.

Things I learned flying with a baby:
1. Hand sanitize. People are dirty ya'll. 
2. You can take as much milk as you want for a bottle without having to stay within the 3oz rule. Apparently you cannot turn breast milk into a liquid bomb. 
3. You cannot carry a baby through security in a sling. You have to take them out and carry them in your arms. I guess that holster around her baby onsie tipped them off. 
4. Look for family bathrooms in the airport terminal. Cause babies need to spread out with all their diaper paraphernalia. 
5. Smile at the people next to you on the airplane. It makes them really nervous that you might be buttering them up for when your baby's screams are ringing in their ear drum later. 
6. Bring an extra outfit for the baby. And for you. Because while moms might not notice the spit up (and occasionally poop) on our sleeve, real people who are sitting approximately 3 inches from us do.

At the end of the day
an airplane is still a building on its side
being thrown from one place to another.
~"Modern Family"

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