Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i wear no pants

I finally gave in this last week and decided to buy some new pants. After you have a baby, your body does weird things. I lost a lot of my baby weight right away (thank you very much, breastfeeding for your support) but does that mean that I look like I did before I had Lila? Nooooooo. I am now only 5lbs above my pre-baby weight (and yes, I know I am very lucky to lose it that fast, you all hate me, blah blah). But I still have this awesome baby fanny pack that is not gone yet.

I have just been wearing my maternity pants since they are so comfy and stretchy, but then they started to fall off...not so comfy. So I had Brian drag down my boxes of pre-baby clothes from the attic where I banished them as soon as they stopped fitting last summer. And guess what? Those pants don't fit either! Unless I have decided my new look is channeling Britney Spears (her post baby body, of course).

So off Lila and I went to Target to find me some new pants in the next size up. Lila was just wheeling along in her stroller, looking all cute and smiley while I shopped. I dragged my pile of mommy sized pants into the family dressing room with stroller in tow while all the dressing room workers cooed at the cute baby.

And then I shut the door. And then Lila let out a blood curling scream. So I quickly tried on some pants while pushing the stroller back and forth, thinking the movement might calm her down. No such luck. As soon as I had another pair of new pants half way up my legs, she raised the scream several decibels. I quickly picked her up and she started making hungry faces. After realizing feeding her was my only option to stop the screaming and assure that no police officers were sent to investigate the obvious child abuse happening in the dressing room, I gave in.

So there I am, sitting on the bench in the Target family size dressing room, pants I do not own half way up my legs, nursing my baby. And praying to God she does not spit up on the pants. 30 minutes later, I had two pairs that fit me, a happy baby, and a new dressing room attendant who looked shocked when I walked out since I was in that dressing long enough for a shift change. Oh the joys of mommyhood!

Being a mother,
you are never really alone in your thoughts.
A mother always has to think twice,
once for herself and once for her child.
~Sophia Loren

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Joey&Casey said...

Oh how I admire your ability to roll with the punches. I would have probably ran out of Target crying or at least wanting to but, you seem to handle things so gracefully in spite of the challenges! You are a super mama indeed:). Glad you got some new pants. My regular pants don't fit my hips or booty right anymore either and I am beginning to think they never will as my bone structure seems to have changed! Oh the joys of mommyhood:). You should be a funny mom story book writer!