Thursday, May 27, 2010

the good stuff

I have been saving up all my baby gear advice for a giant baby gear review. I know lots of ladies that are getting ready for their first little one, so this post is for you (shout out to Kristy, Allie, and Shallan!) First I am going to review the stuff I loved. Because I like to start with the good news. I have tried to hyperlink to the item online in each name. Last, I will tell you about the stuff I don't like or need. My apologies in advance if you gave me something I hate. It happens, get over it.

Stuff I LOVE
The BOB - The BOB is our jogging stroller. It goes everywhere with us and can pretty much rock out any surface. We love it on the trails and parks. Lila still has to use the Infant Car Seat Adapter so her car seat sits in the stroller. We also purchased the Handlebar Console for my diet coke. And my Blackberry. Both essential to our baby's needs.

Snap N Go Stroller - The Snap N Go is my savior. I mean other than JC, of course. It weighs like half a pound and can fold open and closed in 2 seconds. I just snap her infant car seat into it and off we go at the mall, Target, whatev. It is so much easier than a bigger stroller and has a nice big basket for small shopping trips.

NoJo BabySling - I was given this sling by my friend Rebekah and it is my favorite out of all the other slings I have tried. I like that it is adjustable, so I can keep her loose or tight and Brian can wear her. I also feel like I can keep her upright, which is a big concern with all the sling recalls lately. This is great for a baby like Lila who likes to be held all the time but when Mommy's arm is about to fall off.

Baby Bjorn - It is really worth it's crazy eyebrow raising price tag. Lila loves to be awake in this and look around. And when she gets older, she can face out and really see the world. Brian likes to wear Lila in this to church to keep dirty, rude people from touching her face.

Graco Pack and Play - I did not get one for our living room originally because we have important grown-up furniture filling our living room. And then I brought Lila home. And I was like, where will I change my baby and keep all of her piles of necessary baby paraphernalia? And now it sits, in my living room, mocking me with its awesomeness.

Graco iMonitor - I love this monitor. It comes with two chargeable wireless parent monitors to place around the house and one baby monitor for her nursery. You can hear every noise and it also has a vibe feature that makes the whole parent monitor vibrate when she cries.

Waterproof pads - Because babies pee on stuff. And it is pretty nice when you don't have to change their sheets under the pad in the middle of the night.

The Miracle Blanket - Oh the pages and pages I could write about the Miracle Blanket. Oh wait, I already did right here. The Miracle Blanket made an automatic change in Lila's sleep schedule. Before, only about 3-4 hour stretches at night. After, at least 6-7 hours straight every night. And we have tested it by not swaddling her and at about 3am when she was screaming I was sending Brian to the nursery to wrap her back up.

Munchkin Wipes Warmer - Okay, I admit I thought this was pretty stupid. But she really likes her butt staying warm when she is half asleep. Go figure. A lot less crying during diaper changes.

Gymboree blankets - I love these blankets. They are the perfect size for nursing (which I like using much more than the Hooter Hider and will review below). I tuck one edge under my bra strap, over my shoulder, and across the baby. It is very soft, washes well, and keeps her warm but is not too hot.

Pampers - Love of my life. They fit better than any other brands I can find. They don't leak out the sides or the back as much. I know they are more, but I use coupon codes for and do the Gifts to Grow rewards program, where you enter codes found on diaper packaging and can redeem them for baby gear.

Fanny Cream - Oh how I wish I could link to this online. But it can only be purchased at a local pharmacy in Sanford. It is by far the best diaper cream out of all others. It keeps her fanny nice and dry and soft. If you live in NC, leave me a comment and I can help you get some.

NUK Pacifiers - So funny story about how I sent Brian to Target to buy one of each kind of pacifiers the week we came home from the hospital until we found one that Lila liked. And this is the only one she will use.

Old Navy socks - Seems silly but these are the only socks that will stay on her little baby feet. And they are super soft.

Gas Drops - Lila thinks this is sugar water. She can be screaming, I will put a drop in her mouth and she stares at me, mid-scream turning into a giant smile. And bonus, Target has a generic brand!

Washable nursing pads - Some ladies don't need them, but I do. And wearing a piece of paper around in your bra is just not comfy. Not to mention the disposable pads add up! Love these, very soft, wash well, hold leaks. Only negative, you can see them through some shirts.

Manhattan Toy Winkle - So fabulous. She could start using this toy very early, as the plastic loops are skinny and she can grasp them. And supposedly, you can put it in the fridge so she can chew on the cold loops when she starts teething. I love things that are multi-purpose!

Take It Or Leave It
Boppy Pillow - Okay, to be fair, we used this a lot the first week or two I was nursing. It did help hold her in position better. But it is kind of useless after the first couple of weeks. I would still get one, but maybe see if you can find it used and don't spend a lot on extra covers.

Boppy Rock In Comfort Travel Swing - I liked this swing originally because it was very light and could move around the house. But the last month and half, she does not want to lay in it. Maybe she will like it later. Also, the straps don't fit around her very well when she's little.

Diaper Champ - I don't get it. It's a trash can, but it's pink and has a weird top. Poopy diapers still stink. And the trash still has to be emptied.

Hotsling - It is one solid piece of fabric, so it does not stretch or allow you to adjust once you get the baby in. She hated it the 2 times I tried to make her sit in it.

Fisher Price Baby View Mirror - I hate this thing! I have a bench back seat with no headrest in the middle. And there is no possible way to attach this thing. Every time I kind of rig it up, the first time I stop, the mirror falls. On the baby. Super safe.

Hooter Hider Nursing Cover - I have tried several different brands of nursing covers and don't like any of them. I feel like they are hard to maneuver and not wide enough. I also think they draw more attention than a well placed blanket.

Boon Bug Pod for Bath Toys - Sure it looks cute, but they only provide screws or permanent adhesive strips to attach it to the tub wall. Ever hear of suction cups people??

Whoever said money can't buy happiness
simply doesn't know where to go shopping.
~Bo Derek

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Joey&Casey said...

This was very fun to read and I think I agree completely with you on just about everything except the Diaper Genie. I am a big fan of that thing only because it saves us having to walk out to the trash 15 times a day and ours really doesn't smell at all. It smells when we take it out every 3 days or so but, otherwise it is smell free. I think your post will be really useful to a lot of first time moms!!