Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am finally a mom. After many many years of waiting I finally got to celebrate on Sunday. The last two Mother's Day I spent sleeping in, ignoring church, and then spending the afternoon telling my mom how much I loved her. Our church makes a big deal of Mother's Day, asking all the moms to stand up and be applauded. And up until now, there was no applause for me.

Knowing how excited I was about my first Mother's Day, Brian did an awesome job celebrating me. First there was breakfast in bed. Actually, first there was poop in bed. Yes, Lila decided to also celebrate me on Mother's Day. By pooping out her diaper, up the back of her onsie all the way to the collar, on my arm, and on the pillow. Sadly, I did not realize this at 7am until I said, "Brian, why is my arm wet?" And then Mother's Day was celebrated with 25 wipes. And lots of laundry.

So after The Mother's Day Poop of 2010, Brian surprised me with breakfast from my favorite restaurant Foster's Market in Durham. Why yes, that is an herb biscuit with egg, apple smoked bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese. And an adorable card! And last but definitely not least, a beautiful new necklace. The charm has an L on it for Lila, so I can wear it and always remember the Mother's Day were I finally got to stand and be applauded at church. And he bought it all by himself on Etsy. Boo yeah, my hubby rocks! And supports independent artists, might I add.

I remember last Mother's Day, not ever knowing if I would get to be a mom. And being so scared for the future without children for Brian and I. And a year later, I am actually holding my little girl in my arms. And she is so perfect, a true gift from God. So after church, there was more eating at the Preston Country Club and celebrating with my fabulous mom, who taught me all about being a mom myself.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
She never existed before.
The women existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.


rebekah tozer said...

God is faithful.....thanks for sharing!

Go Daddy (Brian)! Sounds like a great Mother's Day....I hope you are already working on Father's Day! :-)

Joey&Casey said...

love that etsy site and the necklace is too precious! Your hubby sure did a good job so kuddos to Brian! Glad you were spoiled on mama's day LIndsay. You deserve it!!