Tuesday, September 1, 2009

couch potato

This pregnancy is proving to never have a dull moment. On Sunday night, we had another massive bleed that landed me in the Emergency Room. The baby is still doing great, doing karate chops, high kicks and growing despite all of the drama going on around it. We saw Dr. Coordination today who stated that he thought the bleeding was still coming from Baby A's placenta and that we could be dealing with this up to another month.

So basically we are now on bed rest. Man, my couch is excited about all this extra time we'll get to spend together. That also means I will be off work for the next couple of weeks. We are hoping I can go back to work on September 21 but we will have to see how the baby is growing. The baby of steel that seems to power on no matter what, who we now affectionately call Xena Warrior Princess...how do you think a lit
tle boy would feel about that nickname? Too feminine? Maybe just drop it to Xena?

Hmm, I guess that means I have a little time on my hands...anyone have a free afternoon? I think our little peach is craving Starbucks...

An apple is an excellent thing...
until you have tried a peach
~George du Maurier

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M said...

Hey guys!! I found your blog through Laura and Geoff's... we will definitely be praying for you and baby Hege Eggy - let us know if you need anything!!

-Damon and Melissa