Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i'll be peace. i'll be quiet.

I think the monotonous, never-ending routine of bed rest has finally got to me. Friends, I am officially losing it. I am now trying to rationalize with the dogs. And I know I will get comments about how this is just preparing me for days on end with a crying baby and how I will really be out of my mind then, blah blah blah.

But if I have to explain to Molly the dog one more time about how crying at the squirrel in the back yard is not acceptable, just as barking at the highest decibel imaginable over and over again at the squirrel now in a tall tree once I finally let her outside is also not acceptable, I might scream.

Yesterday I just wanted to get out the house for as long as possible. Even if all I was doing was laying on the couch at my parents house. Just out. of. my. house.

On a more positive note, I have finally given it to reading the Twilight series. Yes, after countless hours on the phone with my sister Katelyn praising the gloriousness of vampire love, I have decided to see for myself what all the fuss is about. Its not that I am against vampire love stories in theory, I have just not ever found them to hold my attention very long. But then again, its not like I have a lot going on these days that would interrupt. Stay tuned...

All men's miseries
derive from not being able
to sit in a quiet room alone.
~Blaise Pascal


M said...

Oh you are going to love them!! I was anti-Twilight too... until I got completely hooked and now I am about 100 pages from the end of the fourth book. It really is addicting. And sadly so.

Miriam King said...

i might name my first child blaise pascal. no stealing.

Joey&Casey said...

I think those books might just suck you in and never let you out! I read them very hesitantly too and ended up reading all 4 in 2 weeks. sigh. I'm now a huge Twilight fan and cannot wait for the second movie to come out!! lol. Let me know what you think!