Wednesday, September 9, 2009

not laboring

What a great Labor Day weekend we had! Brian's parents joined us up in Durham for a fun filled (and yes, relaxing) weekend of ice cream, yummy home cooked meals (thanks Patti!!), and registering for the baby! And just before everyone gets their feathers in a ruffle, I was escorted all around Target and Babies R Us in a wheelchair. Which was so worth it to get to pick out all our cute, stylish baby stuff. I mean, who wouldn't be excited after picturing the adorable baby in this crib?
Or just riding along in this oh-so-cute polka dot stroller?
Come on baby, hurry up, cause we have lots of shopping to do for you! Other than the obvious excitement of baby buying and hanging out with Benny and Patti, we had a great doctor's appointment yesterday. The baby was jumping all over the place, being silly, and looking healthy. The doctor said that this bleeding looks like it will continue to be a problem as long as Baby A's placenta and sac are staying formed and not dissolving. There is a chance that will never happen and we will be dealing with this the whole pregnancy.

So we are praying for a miracle that it dissolve and I am able to go back to work and be a healthy, non-couch-potato person again soon.
I go back for another doctor's appointment on September 22 and will stay out of work until then. So please keep the prayers coming and feel free to drop me an email or definitely helps break up the day!

Having a child is surely
the most beautifully irrational act
that two people in love can commit.
~Bill Cosby


Roars said...

Yay for registering and having a fun hoilday weekend! Rest up... the books are on their way to you tomorrow (sorry for the delay!)!

Joey&Casey said...

I wouldn't mind having that exact same crib:) Are you going to register for the gender specific products after you find out? I think I might need to start working on a list:). Glad you are still relaxing and I'll keep praying for your baby and you!