Thursday, September 17, 2009

bowled away

Okay so let's not get too into this idea of belly pictures. Nothing against all my beautiful friends and their beautiful pregnant bellies posted on their blogs. But you will not ever be seeing a pulled up shirt, full belly view of pregnant Lindsay. But for my wonderful sis in Florida and friends who cannot see the baby belly on a regular basis, here is a little somethin somethin...

We haven't felt any flutters yet, but the doctor told me it would probably be later since our baby is chilling at the back of my uterus. We have however reached the stage where I can no longer lay on my back. Brian laughs because I will fall asleep on my side, roll over to my back, and wake up in a panic because the baby is pushing on all of my organs. It is the strangest feeling ever, like a little human bowling ball just taking up residence on my abdomen.

On another fun note, I found really cute girl bedding at Marshalls the other day. And no, I did not buy it, even though it was $59 for the bumpers, crib skirt, and sheets. Yes, you heard me right, $59. That my friends, is willpower. Or at least willpower until our October 7 ultrasound. Then all bets are off.

You should never say anything to a woman
that even remotely suggests
that you think she's pregnant
unless you can see an actual baby
emerging from her at that moment.
~Dave Barry


Evan and Jen said...

Very cute! So you're finding out on October 7th the sex? For some reason i thought it was find out before me, not fair! :( I absolutely CANNOT wait.

Evan and Jen said...

Okay, so being pregnant has caused me to lose my mind. My friend just reminded me that I'm finding out on October nevermind on that. LOL I can't wait to find out what our playgroup will consist of, hehe. You are so cute, and I like the crib bedding :)

Brian and Lindsay said...

Haha, don't you just love pregnancy brain? I am so glad you get to find out before us. It's only fair since your baby is 4 days older :-)

Joey&Casey said...

I think you are one hot mama with an adorable belly:) Love that top and I'm glad you are posting pics for my sake too:) I love seeing people's bellies grow! That bedding is so cute!