Friday, September 18, 2009

hobby lobby

So first of all, yes I just read "Twilight" in 12 hours and yes, I am now obsessed. Like I needed to give myself something that keeps me up at night reading. I'm just saying, if the baby gets sleep deprived, I am blaming all of you.

I have decided I need a hobby. I mean all good Southern women have a hobby, don't they? Like gardening? Or canning vegetables and jam? Or washing baseboards? I think if I have all of this unfilled time on my hands, the least I can do is find something productive. Cause you know, idle hands are the devils playground.

But the problem is that I am not very visually creative. Sure, I have been known to whip up elaborate scavenger hunts for camp kids, throw together a themed cocktail party for college students, or type up entries for my silly blog, but ask me to draw a picture? Well you better love a good stick figure with curly hair. Maybe my hobby can be grilling? Like I make food on our new beautiful grill and eat it and then me and the baby have happy tummies? Is that a hobby?

Hmm, I think it is time for some reader suggestions please. What is a good hobby that:
1. I can pick up quickly
2. Does not cost a lot for supplies
3. Does not require any visual artistic or creative talent whatsoever (which would automatically eliminate scrapbooking, FYI)

I do not see plays, because I can nap at home for free.
And I don't see movies cause they're trash,
and they got nothing but naked people in them.
And I don't read books, cause if they're any good
they're gonna make them into a miniseries.
~"Steel Magnolias"

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Lauren said...

-Learn spanish...(Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish!)

-Memorize all the lyrics to the soundtrack of The Sound of Music and sing them to me. Or better yet, Brian when he comes home from a long day at work.

-I think I have a puzzle of The Last Supper I could give you to work on.