Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tuesday tips: blind as a bat

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This week's tip is our favorite website find for ordering glasses. Both Brian and I need glasses because we are super cool and blind. Okay, I am just mildly near sighted so I am basically fine until I have to see things more than fifteen feet in front of me. Like when I am driving...so kind of important. Brian on the other hand is legally blind without his contacts. He has to lean over six inches from his contact case to make sure he is picking up the right thing. 

And vision insurance is a rip off. They pay for $100 off your glasses, as long as you do not try to order contacts in the same year. Because apparently you could not possibly need both contacts and glasses at the same time. And then we found Zenni Optical and suddenly we have glasses abounding. We can have several pairs, depending on our mood. Or perhaps the color of the sky that day.
Zenni Optical is super cheap. Brian can order his prescription glasses for his astigmatism, reading needs, distance needs and like super high strength for $45. NO JOKE. My kind-of-needed-but-not-really-needed glasses were $20. So you go to the eye doctor, endure the air blowing in the eye craziness, feel like a crazy person because you cannot tell #1 from #2 no matter how hard you squint, and then get your glasses prescription. The only measurement the doctor will not do, since they normally do it at the glasses store, is the distance between your pupils. To measure this, sit down very still and have your spouse/significant other/best friend/child with a study hand hold a ruler up to your face and measure the distance between the center of your two pupils when you are staring straight ahead. 

So grab yourself some new specs today! And just to clarify, I received no free products or endorsements from Zenni Optical, I just think it is awesome to pay $20 instead of $200.  

I wish I could remember where I put things. I spend half my life looking for my keys. 
With the other half I look for my glasses.
~Sara Paretsky

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That's great! I'm embarrassed to admit I've had the same pair of glasses for 10 years - I just replaced the lenses once. I only wear them at night or if I have allergies so bad my contacts won't fit so I figure no need for the latest style ;-)