Sunday, July 24, 2011

pinning away

The weeks of this summer continue to fly by, with meetings for work in the evening, trips to Target that take 5 million hours, and a little trip to Wilmington for meetings this Friday and Saturday (minus my Lila Bean and Brian). So since my real life is too busy to actually stop and take pictures, let's have some photos from my fake life: Pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest and we can steal each other's ideas :-) Here are my favorite pins of the week. 

I would love to replace the builders double vanity in my bathroom with something like this. I think that would totally change the look of the room. 
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest
I think sharks are fascinating. And any show or movie where they eat people or animals is both hilarious and cool. So basically, Shark Week on Discovery Channel that starts in a week is the Best. Week. Ever. 

I have been spending a lot of time looking at fall styles since I will need to buy some new clothes when the weather changes. Because I have lost seven pounds this last month (blatant bragging and show-off-isms). Lots of running on the Duke Trail 5K loop that is all hills while pushing 40 pounds of baby and stroller will do the trick. 
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest
I cannot begin to fathom how many screaming matches and subsequent arrests outside of minivans in the Target parking lot that would ensue from actually having these cards. But it would be pretty awesome to watch.

Loving this idea for Lila's room redecoration. Especially if I could change photos out. And the color scheme is fabulous. 

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Casey Martinez said...

I want that outfit!!! I actually went shopping with my sister at Platos closet this week and got a nice pair of skinny jeans and a striped tank a lot like that one. Love the mixture of gray/black and brown. The bathroom is BEAUTIMOUS!!