Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you are what you eat

We are thinking about starting Weight Watchers at our house. When I was in graduate school, I went on a very restrictive diet for my IBS (Eating For IBS). And while it sucked not having wine or Diet Coke or DAIRY (God forbid) I loved the order behind what I could and could not eat. I ate until I was full and ate several times a day, yet I felt and looked healthier.

While I weigh less than before I got pregnant with Lila, the post-baby tummy does not make me look skinny. All you moms know exactly what I am talking about. I think your weight after baby is on a totally different scale. I would like to lose between 10-15lbs. Brian would also like to learn to eat healthier and Weight Watchers would allow us to do it together.

So I need your advice. Who has tried Weight Watchers? How long did you stay on it? Did both you and husband eat on the program and how did that work for him? All I know is Jennifer Hudson is looking pretty good and I wouldn't mind taking some tips from her.

I never worry about diets.
The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.
~Mae West


Christine said...

ok so with my background (exercise sport science and public health) i would say I have looked/reviewed several of these programs... then i became a mom for the first time and 'needed' a program simply because i did not have the time to 'think' about my food plan... so after being a momx2 plus whatever else here is my thoughts :

WW is good for long term help on learning how to make better food choices, actually has better long term results/outcomes for those who stick to the plan...unless you like to cheat/sneak/give a little here and there and end up sort of compromising it all {which is why i didn't choose it, plus it doesn't necessarily plan with/for bf-ing moms{not sure if you are or are not}

Jenny Craig is also noted for there flexible programs and various levels of support. They aren't as intigrated into the food market, but the program is still overall effective. This is what I did. I loved I could meal plan my breakfast/lunch and snacks with them, and have a sensible dinner at home and still snack/dessert with there foods. Plus I then only shopped for the foods I could over-indulge on veggies/fruits so we didnt have that 'junk'around. I also loved the fact that I could explore a lot of there meals and they actually tasted good.

Nutri-system - I have only heard terrible things about the food from everyone who i know did it

Main thing : exercise. Its near impossible to 'add' on the list of 'todos' but that will make a much bigger impact, a lot faster {speaking from the mom who is still trying to make that work out}

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted {sorry for the obnoxiously long comment}

Roars said...

I did WW after Doodle was born... It definitely works, but I didn't stick with it once I went back to work (couldn't get to mtgs), by it did help re-shape my eating habits... Let's bs honest here... D was 15 months by the time I lost it all (and I started when she was 2 mos), so be healthy and give your body the time it needs... Mommy belly and stretch marks are the proudest battle scars I wear!

Emily said...

Clearly I have not yet had a child. So, take what I say with a grain of salt. I started WW over a year ago and it has been THE ONLY thing that has truly helped me to lose weight. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet. The focus is on longterm health, which of course includes reaching a healthy weight. Exercise is important, but from my experience (and I have a weird body), diet has a SIGNIFICANTLY bigger impact on my ability to lose and keep off weight. One of the mottos at WW is "the program works if you work it." That is 100% true. If you stick to the program, you will absolutely get the results you want. It will take a while, b/c it is focused on slow weight loss, but that kind of weight loss is healthier. And, once you learn the program, if you have the self-discipline and determination, you don't have to go to meetings and keep paying. I was going with a friend last year who was trying to get off her prego weight. It took her about a year and a 1/2 total (I think she lost about 50-60 pounds total), but she looks AMAZING now and is now a WW leader. We can talk more about this later, b/c this comment is getting long, but I highly recommend WW. Oh, and Pat has done it with me (huge help!) and has loved it.

Sarah said...

I know I am definitely in the minority, but the only "program" that ever worked for me was eating a diet low in sugar and low in starch. I lost 50 pounds in a year and it was the best thing I could do for my body before getting pregnant. I think WW has great marketing, but I found it very consuming. I hate having to calculate points and always look something up. Plus I dislike any program you have to PAY for! Eating low carb was freeing to me because I wasn't consumed with the details. It is simple. Bread & pasta - no. Heavy cream, steak and real Ranch dressing - yes. I like knowing "yes" I can eat this or "no" I can't, insteading of having to figure out how many ounces of it I can eat.

However, the biggest thing I learned in my weight loss jounreny (which was, ahem, featured on the news last March) is that you have to be ready to do it. You have to be ready to say "I care about feeling good and losing weight more than eating this piece of cake." As simple as it sounds, it is a challenge (although it doess get easier each time you make that deicision) and I don't think any plan will work until you are fully ready to do it. The plan doesn't put the food in your mouth or get your butt off the couch - you choose to do that.

As far as husbands go, making a lifestyle change like this or WW is better done with support so I am proud of him for wanting to do it with you. But, if Brian is anything like AJ (which he is in lots of ways) he's probably not going to keep up with points or a food journal. Plus, he probably likes to eat steak :-)

Good luck!