Friday, January 21, 2011

switching hats

Some days working a full time job from home seems impossible. The baby is crawling everywhere. You have to hang up on a conference call as the sounds of a crash and scream echo in the background. Your emails get inadvertently sent with a long line of xjhgLSKJHDFBgjlSDLKFjLAKJm,snd,mnzsjfdbjksdhbfkj at the bottom because she grabbed the laptop. You become the ultimate mutlitasker, writing down order and credit cards numbers while mixing a bottle, jotting meeting notes while you rock a sleeping baby and coming up for excuses why you can't get the spreadsheet done today.

But then God gives you those moments that remind you what a blessing it is to drink your coffee and answer emails with your little one only an arm away. I was rushing to finish up a phone call right as Lila woke up from her nap. Getting a bottle ready while hurriedly trying to end with a "Yes, sure by the end of the day. No problem, you are not disturbing me at home at all. It is a work day! Haha" and I could hear her losing it in her crib. As I rushed up the stairs, I realized the crying had stopped. Peeking around the nursery corner, I found she had fallen asleep, leaning straight over her lap while waiting for me to take off my "Working Hat" and put on my "Mommy Ballcap". Could she be any cuter? Thanks God, for reminding me what a blessing it is to have some Lila Time in the middle of my day.
O bed! O bed! Delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.
~"Miss Kilmansegg - Her Dream" by Thomas Hood


Casey Martinez said...

Lila looks just like Daisy looked a couple weeks ago here. I wish I got a picture so way to go mom! I am so impressed by what you juggle. It is super hard when babies become mobile...which is why I am not working so I pray that you can hang in there! You are doing a great job!

Ashlynn said...

Your little girl is precious! I'm just stopping in as your newest follower to tell you that! I don't work from home, but I can certainly relate to the slfnldkfa;lwkdnf;alknefakdnf left at the bottom of my personal emails..hehe.