Tuesday, January 4, 2011

waiting for a pair

They are tiny little things. Yet too big to lose inadvertently. So where do they go? I buy them in pairs. I wear them in pairs. And I don't remember any time I came home with only one on. Yet I currently own 3/4 of a sock drawer of socks with no match.
Oh mismatched sock. You make me look so sloppy. Why do you come in so many hard to match colors and patterns? I wake up too early in the morning to think about complicated things like tan socks with stripes versus tan socks with argyle pattern. I just do not understand where you ran off to. Are you hiding in a closet with all the pacifiers and good pens? I bet you all are having quite a party in there because you certainly do not want to come back to my drawer with your happily coupled friends.

I know I should just throw all you lonely singles away but I feel wasteful and mean. So what do I do with you? Maybe I will hang you up around the house as a warning to all future pairs to stay together. Or else.

Truth of 2011 (or my version for resolutions): Throw away, donate, store or Craigslist all unused items. After 6 months of lying around and not being used, unless they are not seasonal items, away they go. I hope to have closets cleaned out in the house in the next 2 months.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
~William Morris


Anonymous said...

There's a great way to help identify unused items. Reverse all your hangers in your closet. Once you wear the item, you turn the hanger around. After 6 months it's a lot easier to see which items were never worn. Shoes and clothes in the dresser can be reversed too. Hope that helps. - Rebecca

Christine said...

you should buy your socks from Little Miss Matched then you never have to feel like you are missing a pair. I have some for Faith, and I also have some leg warmers for her too, it makes it more fun :)

ps-just found out this christmas, my dad color codes all things when he gets them (socks,tees,etc) then every 6 months he donates one color and/or when he replaces them. smart man :)