Monday, November 15, 2010

bicycle built for two

"She's the littlest, she's the cutest, she's the sweetest little baby in baby town! She's the littlest, she's the cutest, she's the sweetest little girl I know!"

That is just one our made up songs we sing around the house all day. I grew up with a mom that could make up a song about anything. We sing about folding laundry, changing a poopy diaper, taking a walk...basically very few sentences are said at our house, but rather they are sung.

On top of all our made up songs, we know a plethora of kids songs about many, many subjects.
Eating a donut for breakfast? (skip to 2:05 just for fun)
Going on a bike ride?

Picking up some produce at the grocery store?

Or perhaps enjoying a bath time song?

And I share all of these songs with Lila on a daily basis. Sadly, Brian did not grow up with a lot of these songs. So half the time, he thinks I am making songs up when they are real. And then he thinks real songs are all in my head. It looks like there will be a lot of learning new songs for both of my favorite people.

My mommy always told me to do what's right
To wash behind my ears and try to be polite
She says she loves me so
It's like she tells me what I need to know

But sometimes when I'm playing with a buddy or two
They're doing things you know you're not supposed to do
Do you go along? Even though the things they do are wrong?

I remember stand  - stand up, stand up
For what you believe in, believe in
Believe in God - he's the one to back you up
We'll stand with you!
~"Stand Up!" by Veggie Tales

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