Friday, November 19, 2010

everybody poops

I was just sitting on the couch this morning, doing work and drinking my tea while Lila played on the floor. And my phone rings...

Ring, ring
Me: Hello?
Brian: Hi sweetie
Me: Oh hi! You just got to work, is everything okay?
Brian: Umm, kind of. Did Lila have a really poopy diaper this morning?
Me: Well, yes, it is the morning. And that is always on the agenda for Lila.
Brian: So I just got to work and went to put my lunch that I put in a Target bag by the front door in the fridge. And guess what? It wasn't my lunch.
Me: Yeah, we use those Target bags a lot. I see your lunch by the front door now. Thanks for taking that poopy diaper out for me.
Brian: No problem. My coworkers will be enjoying the smell all day.

Laughter is like changing a baby's diaper.
It doesn't permanently solve any problems,
but it makes things more acceptable for a while.


Casey Martinez said...

OH man so gross but, SOOO funny!!! hahahaha

Just Us... said...

Awwww. Poor Brian. That is an awesome story though! Love it! Everybody does poop!