Wednesday, October 5, 2011

hoot hoot

I have this thing for owls right now. Not sure why but I am in love with all things owl. They are cute and inquisitive and slightly mischievous. Or at least this is what all the owl pins I have been pinning on Pinterest are showing lately. Owls in real life are probably dirty and loud and dangerous. Which is why you will not see any pins of real owls. Obviously.
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest
My favorite owl necklace I bought on the shop OwlNest on Etsy and have been wearing lately. Because it reminds me that my nest will grow one day when God is ready. But right now, my little Lila keeps my nest and my heart full. 

Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest
Adorable owl mobile, so colorful and fun. 

 A whole little owl family! Oh my gah, be still my heart with this owl cuteness. 

I love themed cupcakes. Okay, I just love any cupcakes. Or any sweet dessert. Or any dessert for that matter. 

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest
I really do need a case for my phone. So I can keep it from getting dents in the side of it when I drop it. Maybe I should just stop dropping it. Eh, probably not going to happen so maybe I should just buy this cute case. Owl purchase justification? 

Source: via Dana on Pinterest
I wish I was the kind of person who could have white pillows on my couch. But this would just get covered in black lab dog hair. And spilled juice bottles. And buried under piles of laundry that never end and eat pillows and small children. 

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Casey Martinez said...

Ah the cupcakes are too freaking cute!! I too share your affinity for owls and my neighbor just did her nursery in an owl theme. It is darling!! Cute pins!!