Saturday, October 15, 2011

fever pitched

Craziest week in quite a while, hence the lack of posting. Lila has been feeling bad all week and Tuesday was just not herself with Brian at home. She would not eat all day and then refused dinner, instead crawling up on the couch and falling asleep next to me. This was not my little girl, who is usually jumping off the couch instead of sleeping on it! I felt her head and she was not warm but I decided to keep her next to me on the couch for a while. 30 minutes later she startled awake, looked at me and said "Hot!" very loudly. Sure enough a temperature check read 103.5 degrees. We immediately gave her motrin, put a wet cool towel around her neck and jumped in the car to the hospital. 
They got us back into a room in five minutes and had several different doctors checked her quickly to make sure there were no signs of meningitis or anything more serious. Thank God she is easily distracted by cell phones because she was not happy with all these doctors bugging her. Turns out she has an ear infection and a nasty virus that is going around. My adrenaline was still rushing when we got her home several hours earlier and laid her down to sleep in our bed. We were told she should be feeling better in a day or two, but this entire week has been a never ending cycle of temperature checks, spiking high fevers, alternating tylenol and motrin, trying to convince Lila to eat ANYTHING and bribing her to drink her sippy cup with juice. Today (five days after the first fever) she is finally fever free. On Thursday it spiked to a high of 104.1 and I am telling you what, my heart cannot take any more. 

I have also been laying low as I was sharing the same cold with Lila last week that turned into a nasty sinus infection and virus on Wednesday. Which meant a low grade fever for me, popped ears and swollen glands. Top that off with four nights of a toddler kicking me in the face while I sleep and I was DONE yesterday. I of course "took it easy" by spending the entire day at a budget meeting and then last night I told Brian I quit. I put Lila in her crib with a dose of Tylenol, prayed over her that she would stay fever free all night, got into bed at 8:45pm and slept for 11 hours. And it was beautiful. 

Today I feel more energized than I have in days and Lila is slowly starting to eat again. Brian is being the best husband ever by cleaning out our linen closet and I have taco soup in the crockpot. Let's pray we are on our way back uphill.

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know? 
~Ernest Hemingway

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Ashlynn said...

Hey there! I bought the fabric and used the "Young House Love" no sew method. Just iron on hem tape! The fabric is by waverly I think :)