Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I miss those cute little ears. I miss seeing her try to crawl and instead scooting herself backwards across the floor. I miss how adorable those feet looked in tights for the first time ever this morning. I miss her little coos as she tries to fall asleep during nap time.

Being at work means I miss all of those little things that I take for granted on the days I get to be home with her. But it totally helps when I get pictures like this in the middle of the day.
What else could I ever hope for popping up on my Blackberry in between meetings! What are some of your ways to not miss your little ones too much while you are away from them? What are ways you savor the time you have with them when you are at home?

Always kiss your children goodnight,
even if they're already asleep.
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Casey Martinez said...

I so admire your diligent efforts to get up early, get dressed, and face the day as a full time working mama. It's tough, its more exhausting than anything but, you are doing it well! I'm sure you'd love to be home with your boo boo everyday:(. Hugs! She is so adorable! I wanna get the babies together again. I'm missing you girls!